'Game of Thrones' Map Theory Explains How Daenerys Still Becomes Night Queen

Drogon took Dany's body east, but how far east?


Daenerys Targaryen is dead, but could she become undead? A popular Game of Thrones fan theory that the Mother of Dragons would become the Night Queen in Season 8 never panned out, but the series finale might just leave the door open for this to still happen after Game of Thrones ends. All it takes is a wild theory about the show’s geography and a bit of wishful thinking. Put on your tinfoil hats people. We’re about to get weird.

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But first, a quick refresher. The last time we actually saw Dany in Game of Thrones was when Drogon carefully scooped up her dead body and flew off in an unclear direction. Later, Samwell Tarly confirmed the dragon was headed east, but Bronn cut him off before we could get a specific location.

Still, east means Essos, and the White Walkers came from the North. So Daenerys is heading in the absolutely wrong direction if Drogon’s plan is to bring her back to life as a vengeful ice zombie, right? Maybe not.

Here’s where things get really wacky. There’s a wild theory that’s been floating around for years claiming that Westeros and Essos are actually connected by the curvature of the planet where Game of Thrones takes place. The official maps cut off somewhere in the North, beyond the Wall, and in the east before Essos actually ends, but it’s possible (if unlikely) they could actually connect.

Here’s what that might look like on an extended map. (Click here for a sketch of what it might look like on a globe.)

This theory gets a boost from the fact that the north pole in this world isn’t officially located beyond the Wall like you might expect. Instead, it’s north of the Thousand Islands that sit above Essos in the Shivering Sea (because it’s cold, get it?). It sort of makes sense that the coldest part of Westeros would connect with the coldest part of Essos to create one super continent, right?

On the other hand, George R. R. Martin himself has shut down the possibility that Westeros and Essos connect through the North, though he wasn’t responding directly to this galaxy brained theory. Of course, Game of Thrones has deviated plenty of times before from the source material, and it could happen again here.

So, in theory, it’s possible Drogon carried Daenerys all the way east and eventually wound up in the “True North,” as Tormund calls it. From there, it’s not that large of a logical leap to imagine some sort of lingering White Walker magic could revive Daenerys Targaryen as the Night Queen.

Not only would this be badass as hell, but it would also set up a new conflict between the now fractured kingdoms of Westeros and a new army of the undead. We’ll probably never find out if any of this actually happens, and to be honest — it almost definitely won’t happen even if we do get a sequel — but it’s still fun to imagine a scenario where this could actually play out.

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