'Game of Thrones' Finale Easter Egg Reveals 1 More Clue That Daenerys Lives

Are we onto something, or is this just a ridiculous fan theory?


Daenerys Targaryen died in the Game of Thrones finale, but is it possible she could come back to life? From the Night King to Jon Snow’s Season 6 revival, there’s plenty of ways for the dead to return in Game of Thrones. We already outlined a somewhat fantastical theory explaining how Dany could come back to life, but a recently spotted Easter egg from the series finale is giving us even more hope that it really could happen.

Before we dive in, it’s worth noting that we’re really just speculating here. As far as we know, Daenerys is dead, and HBO’s made it clear we won’t be getting a direct sequel that reveals what happens after the finale. Still, as Game of Thrones fans, it’s in our nature to wonder where the story will go next, and the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced Dany really might come back to life with an assist from the Red Priestess Kinvara.

Anyway, as noted by Vanity Fair in a comprehensive roundup of Game of Thrones Easter eggs from the show’s final episode, the way Daenerys dies bears a striking resemblance to another major GoT death: Jon Snow. Both were stabbed by someone they trust, and both died on their backs against a white background (snow for Jon, ash for Dany).

Here’s a shot from Jon Snow’s death scene at the end of Season 5.

Jon Snow's death


And here’s Daenerys Targaryen moments after she was stabbed to death.

Daenerys' death scene in Season 8


You probably remember what happened next to Jon. Melisandre showed up and used her Lord of Light magic to bring him back to life, which apparently served as proof that Jon was the chosen one in the upcoming battle against the Night King.

By the end of Season 8, Melisandre is dead, but she wasn’t the only Red Priestess around. Back in Season 6, we briefly met Kinvara, another follower of the Lord of Light from Volantis who pledged her allegiance to Dany. And with Drogon headed east, presumably still clutching Dany’s dead body, it’s possible they could wind up on Kinvara’s doorstep.

In fact, Essos seems to be full of witches and wizards who might be able to replicated Melisandre’s revival spell. We met at least one other Red Priestess when Tyrion and Varys were exploring Volantis, and the original books go even further. Maybe Moqorro (a Red Priest who meets Tyrion during “A Dance With Dragons”) or Benerro (the High Priest at the Red Temple in Volantis) can help bring Daenerys back to life.

Chances are none of this will ever officially happen. Instead, fans will be left to guess whether Dany’s story really ended in the Game of Thrones finale or somehow continued back in Essos. Either way, it’s probably a moot point, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to wonder.

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