'Fortnite' Slipstreams: Neo Tilted and Mega Mall, Locations, Map, and Video

Mobility has totally changed in 'Fortnite'.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 9 is here, and it’s set years into the future at a time when the destroyed Tilted Towers has been rebuilt as a modern city and a huge mall has replaced Retail Row. Connecting these new locations is an air monorail system called the “Slipstream,” and the very first challenge of Season 9 has players explore these two new locations using this new mode of travel.

How do you “ride the Slipstream around Neo Tilted” and Mega Mall for this two-stage challenge?

Huge rings around the map push an air current through a continuous closed loop, so any players that go inside any part of the current are instantly swept up. In practice, the movement feels just like the volcano vents from Season 8. You can use the quick burst of air to get serious lateral movement, or stay inside and ride the loop however far you want. In this way, the Slipstream becomes a real game-changer in terms of map mobility.

Because the Slipstream runs in a wide loop around a huge portion of the Season 9 map, it’ll offer a very easy way way to escape enemy engagements and better yet, maneuver out of the storm’s range. The Slipstream is kind of hard to see on the map, so here’s a look at it outlined.

Here's an approximation of what the Slipstream route looks like.

Epic Games

The main Slipstream system goes as far north as Lazy Lagoon and plunges further south than Fatal Fields. On the east and west sides, it doesn’t quite overlap with identical Slipstream vents that encircle Neo Tilted and Mega Mall. For the purposes of this challenge, all players need to do is dive towards Neo Tilted at the start of the match and land directly in the flow of the Slipstream there. Then, do the same in a second match with Mega Mall.

This challenge remarkably easy, but it’s a fun way to force players to explore new areas and mechanics introduced as part of Fortnite Season 9.

According to the in-game countdown, Season 9 doesn’t end until July 23, and for all we know, the Slipstream could be expanded in the coming months.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 9, Week 2 should begin Thursday, May 16.