'Fortnite' Pirate Camp Locations: How to Visit 3 for the Week 7 Challenge

Here's the single best strategy.

We all knew it was coming based on our experiences with expedition outposts in Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 7, so hopefully nobody was surprised when Season 8, Week 7 began on Thursday morning and introduced a challenge to “visit 3 pirate camps in a single match.”

Season 8, Week 1 had us all visit every pirate camp separately, then Wednesday’s Buccaneer’s Bounty challenge sent everyone to visit pirate camps in 10 different matches.

This one’s pretty much the opposite. It takes potentially less time than the other two variations, but it’s much more difficult because of the time crunch. If you attempt this and get eliminated in the process, then all of that progress is lost. The strategy therefore becomes all about mobility and survivability. As such, the Baller is the single most important resource for completing this challenge. Unlike the Quadcrasher, the Baller is both easier to find and provides more shielding.

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Here’s every pirate camp location, and a look at the strategy that helped us complete this challenge in a single match in less than 5 minutes.

Here's every pirate camp with the ideal route mapped out.

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Most pirate camps do have Ballers in or near them, which is helpful for this particular challenge. It also means that different permutations of our strategy should work at most Pirate Camp combinations. But ours worked on the very first attempt.

The camp northwest of Fatal Fields is less than ideal as the second or third pirate camp, mainly because it’s located atop a mountain. But as a landing destination, it’s excellent if you can snag the Baller on the interior of an upper level. (Get a closer look in the video at the top of this article.) From there, it’s a straight shot directly north to the camp west of Dusty Divot. 

Veering northeast towards the camp that’s on the volcano offers an interesting challenge because higher up on the mountain, but the Baller can easily slide up the mountainous terrain. Even better: There are plenty of Volcano Vents that can launch the Baller into the air. We went directly for the vent that’s on the island within the river of lava.

Be sure to use the grappling effect of the Baller to evade enemies, move faster, and to pull yourself directly towards the Pirate Camps.

The in-game countdown indicates that Season 8 ends on May 8, so players have until then to complete this and other challenges before Season 9 arrives.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 8, Week 8 should begin Thursday, April 18.

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