'Fortnite' Expedition Outposts Locations Map: How to Visit 4 in Week 10

Use our video guide to complete this Week 10 challenge.

One of the laziest challenges that Epic Games ever put into Fortnite: Battle Royale came on February 7, 2019 in the form of “Visit Expedition Outposts in a single match” (4).

Week 10 — the final week of Season 7 — began Thursday morning, and the vast majority of players probably already accomplished this task, because there was a nearly identical challenge back in Week 7. Three weeks ago, players had to visit all seven of the Expedition Outposts with no limits on the number of matches it took. And that was three weeks after Week 4 had us all eliminate enemy players near Expedition Outposts

Time is indeed a flat circle, and just like in Week 7, the single best way to visit multiple Expedition Outposts is to just hop in an X-4 Stormwing plane and do fly-bys. Players can find the planes pretty much all over, but many of the actual Expedition Outposts have planes right next to them.

Expedition Outposts haven't moved all season.

Epic Games

Players might as well just dive right to the Expedition Outpost that’s northeast of Pleasant Park. There’s usually a plane right there. Then, depending on the trajectory of the storm, they can fly south to the Outpost near Snobby Shores or southeast towards the one that is west of Dusty Divot. Because that one’s so centrally located, it’s easy to then redirect in almost any direction to hit 1-2 more as needed.

All it takes is to get the plane fairly close to the actual outpost. And unfortunately, if someone destroys the outpost entirely, it probably won’t count.

Whenever players fly one of these planes, it’s best to boost as often as possible and to fly low. If they go too high, they’ll become easy targets for enemy players with decent weaponry. By flying lower, you’re easier to hit but you’ll move out of range much quicker, especially if you can barrel-roll between mountains and other natural obstructions.

Players should have no problem accomplishing this challenge in a single match, so this should be a top priority before Season 7 ends on or around February 27.


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