'Fortnite' Expedition Outpost Locations: Where to Get the Eliminations

Use this definitive map and strategies.

One interesting new challenge in the world of Fortnite: Battle Royale is finally eschewing the holidays to potentially focus on a longer storyline for Season 7 by sending you to “expedition outposts” scattered across the island, and it has everything to do with that A.I.M. robot that was hunting some characters last season.

Fortnite Season 7, Week 4 began Thursday morning alongside the 14 Days of Fortnite Day 9 challenge, and this interesting new challenge has players “eliminate opponents at Expedition Outposts.” Essentially, all anyone has to do is eliminate three different opponents at a series of new locations across the map. Note that the specific language here says nothing about “different” outposts, so this challenge is remarkably similar to those that require eliminations at named locations.

Expedition Outposts are medium-sized structures evenly spread out across the map, and they look similar to the many red buildings established in the snowy southwestern quadrant of the map, especially those in Frosty Flights. Thankfully, they’re large enough and red enough that they’re easy to spot from the sky and even from the map.

With the exception of one Expedition Outpost in the Paradise Palms area, they're all very easy to spot on the map and from the sky.

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The Expedition Outposts are all the same bright red color with the A.I.M. symbol on the side, and in every case, they’re located on high mountains or hills with ziplines leading directly to them. They vary somewhat in size, it seems, but they always have that symbol and a red flag atop.

Right now is the absolute best time to try and complete this challenge when tons of players are trying to get eliminations to do the same. As such, there’ll be that much more foot traffic and therefore more opportunities — yet also much more danger. Another method would be to focus on any large group LTMs, especially the 50 vs. 50 types, and to just hover around one of the outposts.

In some cases, ziplines lead directly to Expedition Outposts.

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According to the in-game countdown, Season 7 doesn’t end until February 27, 2019. So players have plenty of time to complete this and other challenges before Season 8 is upon us.

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