‘Fortnite' Week 8 Secret Battle Star Location Has a Hidden Banner Again

Here's exactly where to go.

Staying true to the trend of Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6, the even-numbered Week 8 has another Hunting Party Challenge that leads to a hidden banner. So what’s this week’s loading screen and where exactly does the clue send players?

Fortnite Week 8 began Thursday morning, bringing with it seven new Challenges. One involves dancing in front of Fish Trophies and another brings back Clay Pigeons. As always, anyone that completes all seven is awarded with the week’s Hunting Party loading screen. Whereas previous weeks featured most vampires and Cube Monsters, along with the characters that hunt them, things have shifted for Week 8.

The new loading screen features the mysterious A.I.M outfit, an android or robot awarded to any players that complete 7 of the 10 Hunting Party Challenges in Season 6. In the loading screen, A.I.M. is scanning the Fortnite: Battle Royale map shortly after parachuting down.

The clue is pretty obvious, right on the shorter chimney behind A.I.M as he scans the Fortnite map for something.

This clue is really easy to spot in the loading screen, and it leads to Flush Factory.

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So where exactly is this?

The specific location is on the top of the highest building in Flush Factory, which is in the southwest corner of the Fortnite map.

The Hunting Party Hidden Banner should be on the side of the shorter chimney on the tallest building in Flush Factory.

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For an alternate perspective, here’s a slightly outdated look at where the location is. These days, A.I.M.’s parachute is draped right over the taller chimney, just like in the loading screen, so it’s pretty hard to miss.

The Hidden Banner should be right on the side of the shorter chimney.

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Remember that the Hidden Banner only becomes available to players after they’ve completed all of the Week 8 Challenges. Then they can claim the hidden banner. With only two more official weeks left until the season ends on or around December 5, there isn’t much time for players to finish the Challenges and claim the Banner.

After everything that happened during the in-game “Butterfly” event — the Purple Cube blowing up and reshaping Leaky Lake — A.I.M.’s story, whatever it is, might be the narrative thrust that brings us to the end of Season 6 and towards something new with Season 7. Especially on this side of Fortnitemares, it looks like the spookier characters will take back seat for whatever comes next.

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