'Fortnite' Clay Pigeon Shooter Locations: Map and Video Guide for Week 8

We managed in a single match with this technique.

Clay Pigeons are back in the world of Fortnite: Battle Royale, and despite some pretty extreme map changes recently, the location of the clay pigeon skeet shooters haven’t changed.

Fortnite Season 6, Week 8 Challenges were unlocked Thursday morning, ushering in the return of everyone’s second-favorite form of target practice. (The Shooting Galleries were a bit more fun, so we put Clay Pigeons second.) So what’s the best way to “Get a score of 3 on different Clay Pigeon Shooters” for the Week 8 Challenge?

This time around, shooting Clay Pigeons is a bit different. In Season 5, players had to shoot a single Clay Pigeon at five of six available locations. But in Season 6, they have to get a score of 3 or more at three different locations. So in a sense, for players that have good aim and/or good weapons when they attempt the Challenge, this one should be fairly easy.

As far as we can tell, the Clay Pigeon Shooter locations remain the same as last season.

The locations for Clay Pigeons hasn't changed since last season.

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Here are some more specific instructions for each location:

  • Southern Paradise Palms — One Shooter is to the far southeast of the map, just barely northeast of where the river meets the sea.
  • Between Flush Factory and Shifty Shafts — There’s a dilapidated, abandoned house near the edge of a cliff. The Clay Pigeon Shooter is barely north of that between a car and umbrella.
  • Northern Lonely Lodge — Between a picnic table and umbrella just north of a bridge that crosses over the river, there’s a Clay Pigeon Shooter.
  • Northeastern Leaky Lake — Next to a small campsite that overlooks the center of the area lake is a Clay Pigeon Shooter.
  • West of Pleasant Park — Between a mountain and a house in disrepair (that’s also east of a red car) is another skeet shooter.
  • Between Lazy Links and Risky Reels — Along the riverside barely northeast of the bridge, there’s a Clay Pigeon Shooter next to an old timey black pick-up truck.

Quadcrashers are pretty essential to reaching multiple Clay Pigeon Shooter locations.

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Which locations are best?

Ignore any temptation to land right at Leaky Lake (née Loot Lake) because not only is it a popular destination since it was revamped after the “Butterfly” event, but the Clay Pigeon Shooter there is out in the open, leaving players vulnerable.

Our wildly successful run getting all three in a single match started at the location alongside the northern section of the river. Then, using a Shadow Stone, we were able to make it to the Leaky Lake location. Directly south of that, a short walk away, are a few Quadcrashers, which made it really easy to reach a third location south of Shifty Shafts.

All that being said, be on the lookout for Shadow Stones and any kind of vehicle that can make reaching multiple destinations that much easier. Also consider focusing on getting assault rifles and other weapons with decent range and rate of fire. Even shotguns are decent for hitting the Clay Pigeons.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6 is scheduled to end on or around December 5, so there’s only a couple more weeks to tackle Challenges like this one.

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