'Fortnite' Shooting Gallery Locations: Where to Find Them on the Map

And a strategy for which to focus on.

One of the latest challenges to hit Fortnite: Battle Royale requires a steady aim and lightning fast reflexes if you want to succeed at the shooting galleries in this Week 4 challenge, though you’ll have to find them first. Less serious dancing is reserved for a totally different challenge this week.

Week 4 of Fortnite Season 6 kicked off Thursday morning, and with it came seven new challenges. One of the most difficult in a fairly difficult bunch requires players to “get a score of 3 or more at different Shooting Galleries.” This one’s remarkably similar to the clay pigeons challenge from about this time in Season 5.

A number of shooting ranges have popped up around the map, noticeable by the double scoreboard and nearby signage. Stepping on the accompanying platform triggers several targets to pop up off the ground in quick succession. Players need to hit the two that jolt upright and then a third that pops up a moment later. And that’s just the bare minimum.

Per usual, players only need to do this five times to complete the challenge, and there are more than enough locations around the map. Here’s a quick visual on where to find them, but read on for more detailed instructions.

Shooting Ranges for the 'Fortnite' Week 4 Challenge.

Epic Games
  • Eastern Wailing Woods — Next to a crashed RV, there’s a shooting range that’s also not far from the cabin.
  • North of Pleasant Park — There’s one not far from where the soccer stadium used to be, north of Pleasant Park at the eastern base of the mountain.
  • East of Viking Village — On the easternmost raised ledge just east of Viking Village, there’s a shooting range.
  • East of Risky Reels — Below the ice cream truck and in between two hills, there’s a straightforward shooting range.
  • Southwest of Fatal Fields — This one located on the northern tip of an elevated ridge might be the easiest in the bunch. All of the targets spawn around the player at close range.
  • Northwest of Dusty Divot — This one’s close to an upturned truck.
  • Northwestern Paradise Palms — Close to the cluster of rift portals in northwestern Paradise Palms, there’s a shooting range atop a hill.

A promising approach is to start in Wailing Woods and then move north towards Risky Reels as they’re so close together. There’s also a rift portal right next to the shooting range east of Risky Reels that can offer more transportation options.

The real trick with this challenge is that players obviously need plenty of weapons and ammo to accomplish it. Traditional assault rifles are ideal, but burst ARs will also suffice. Players might also find success with a tactical shotgun. Anything that has a slow rate of fire or small magazine size simply won’t work out, and everyone obviously runs the risk of being eliminated if they spend too much time looting.

Players have until mid-December to complete this and all other Season 6 challenges because that’s when we can expect Season 7 to begin.

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