'Fortnite' Clock Tower, Pink Tree, and Porcelain Throne Locations and Video

Players also have to dance on top of a Porcelain Throne.

Gone are the days of “search between” and “treasure maps,” because Fortnite: Battle Royale’s location-based challenges these days involve multiple steps and dancing on top of random landmarks. So where can players dance on top of a Clock Tower, a Pink Tree, and a Porcelain Throne?

Fortnite Season 6, Week 4 kicked off Thursday morning, and with it came the typical seven new challenges. This week, however, they’re all fairly difficult, or otherwise just involve a lot of work. The fifth challenge initially just reads “Dance on top of a Clock Towers,” but it’s essentially one of the multi-stage challenges that we’ve seen before. This time around, however, it’s a bit misleading because it doesn’t actually say “Stage 1” in the title.

After the player dancers on top of the Clock Tower and the current match ends, the challenge moves on to the next step. So don’t bother trying to dance on top of all three steps in a single match because it’s impossible.

Where exactly can players dance on top of a Clock Tower, Pink Tree, and Porcelain Throne? Here’s a map, but read on for our more detailed step-by-step guide to completing this Fortnite challenge.

The Clock Tower is in southwest Tilted Towers, the Pink Tree is in central Lucky Landing, and the Porcelain Throne is in northeast Flush Factory.

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Where to Dance on Top of a Clock Tower in Fortnite

The first step in the Challenge sends players to a Clock Tower, and the only one on the map is in southwestern Tilted Towers. Chests do spawn in the top of the Clock Tower, so it’s bound to be a high traffic destination even without this Challenge. Note that if someone destroys the top layers of the tower, dancing might not even count towards the Challenge.

Where to Dance on Top of a Pink Tree in Fortnite

The Pink Tree is located right in the center of Lucky Landing, which is in the south-central area of the map. This step is perhaps the most difficult part of this three-step Challenge, mainly because the tree is so easy to destroy. It’s impossible to miss, and most players that land on it first will wind up hacking away at it with their pickaxe for the wood. And you can’t dance on top of something that’s not there.

Where to Dance on Top of a Porcelain Throne in Fortnite

The Porcelain Throne is located in the northeastern area of Flush Factory, in the far south of the island. It’s the nickname given to the giant toilet that’s elevated on a large pole, essentially functioning as the Flush Factory’s signage. The challenging part here is that the bowl itself is much smaller than the Pink Tree and Clock Tower, so landing there with competition is very risky.

If doing these Challenges now proves too irritating for some players right now when there’s a lot of foot traffic, there’s still plenty of time before Season 6 ends in early- to mid-December.

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