'Fortnite' Search Between Covered Bridge: Location, Map, Video, and Guide

Don't go chasin' waterfalls.

The very last week of Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 challenges are here, and even though huge changes are bound to happen very soon, the typical “search between” challenge model is totally back for Week 10.

Week 10 challenges in Fortnite were released Thursday morning at 9 a.m., and one of the “HARD” challenges has players “search between a covered bridge, waterfall, and the 9th green.”

The “9th green” obviously references a golf course. So this secret location has got to be near Lazy Links in the northern part of the map. Based on that, the covered bridge is the one that crosses over the river directly east of Lazy Links and the waterfall is the one at the northern end of the same river.

Previous assumptions about this Battle Star’s specific location were only slightly off. But here’s a 100 percent accurate map indicating the precise location players need to visit to complete the Challenge:

Search between a covered bridge, waterfall, and the 9th green by visiting the shaded area just east of the building located here.

Epic Games

The Battle Star is actually located closer to the 8th hole’s green. The black square on the map is a small one-car garage, and the Battle Star is just a few feet northeast of that right in between two trees. In my match, it was also directly in the center of a shaded patch of grass with the usual dirt patch in the middle. If all else fails, just follow all of the foot traffic.

Chances are very high that players will get eliminated quickly when they go for completing this challenge. But if you survive, Week 10 also requires players to get eliminations and deal damage. So grabbing a weapon and targeting the many other players grabbing this Battle Star is a great option.

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