'Fortnite' Fish Trophy Locations: Map & Video Guide for Dancing in Week 8

"Take me to the river!"

Big Mouth Billy Bass has invaded the world of Fortnite: Battle Royale to participate in the most sacred of all Fortnite Challenges: dancing in front of things.

Week 8 of Fortnite Season 6 began Thursday morning and in introduced seven new Challenges with familiar tasks. One of them reintroduced Clay Pigeon Shooters, but the hallowed dance-oriented Challenge for the week belongs to the many Fish Trophies now on display all across the map. So how do players “Dance with a fish trophy at different Named Locations” seven different times?

Think of this Challenge like a fusion between the Fortnitemares “Dance in front of different Gargoyles” and “Destroy a Ghost Decoration in different Named Locations”.

Players have to dance in front of these objects, but even when there are multiple of that same object in a single named area, dancing near them won’t count. It has to be done in different named locations. Retail Row, for instance, has a lot of fish trophies, but once one dance is complete, that’s it.

It's possible that there are even more Fish Trophies out there.

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Here are some further details about these locations:

  • The large store on the eastern side of Retail Row has a lot, including a big one in the front of the building
  • In the basement of the blue house in Salty Springs
  • A small structure on the east side of Shifty Shafts has a fight trophy on the inner wall
  • In Dusty Divot, head to the office on the second floor of the middle warehouse
  • The southernmost house of Snobby Shores has one above the couch inside the bunker
  • Tilted Towers has one on the floor of the renowned demolished building
  • Inside the Risky Reels building with the green screen, there’s one in the second-floor office
  • The southern side of the Wailing Woods underground bunker has some
  • In the titular Lonely Lodge, there are some fish trophies near the mantle
  • On the first floor of the main Junk Junction building, there’s one above the mattress
  • A house in southwest Fatal Fields has a fish trophy over the fireplace
  • The Lazy Links gift shop has one behind the counter

At this rate, we’re willing to be there might be more in other named locations. This level of saturation is almost unheard of. Because of how common these Fish Trophies are, this Challenge should be fairly easy for anyone.

We recommend starting at one of the outliers — Fatal Fields, Snobby Shores, or Risky Reels — and then working inland depending on the Battle Bus trajectory and the way the storm shifts. Getting all seven in a single match is a longshot, but this Challenge should be easily completed in a few short matches.

Fortnite Season 6 is slated to end on or around December 5, so there’s only so much time left to dance with the fish … before you’re sleeping with the fishes.

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