'Fortnite' Ghost Decorations: Locations, Map, Video, and Strategy Guide

The more livable the named area, the more ghosts.

The horrific Fortnitemares Halloween event in Fortnite continues with a second set of challenges, and this time around, players have to destroy some innocent but totally spooky ghost decorations.

The latest Fortnitemares challenges hit Fortnite: Battle Royale Friday morning. Just like the first batch, two challenges involve destroying specific Cube Monsters or doing so with specific kinds of damage, and a third involves eliminating opponents in the Corrupted Areas. But the fourth — much like dancing in front of Gargoyles — is more spread out across the map.

Specifically, players have to “Destroy a Ghost Decoration in different Named Locations” a total of seven times.

File this one under very easy but a bit time consuming because it does mean that players have to go to 7 of 12 possible named locations and destroy one Ghost Decoration in each. They’re always hanging from something, like the corner of a roof or a streelight, and they disappear when struck by any kind of damage, even from a pickaxe.

A bigger ghost icon means a greater concentration of Ghost Decorations in that named location.

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Because this challenge requires that a player destroy Ghost Decorations in different named locations, there’s zero benefit to destroying multiple ghosts in a single location — outside of irritating other people trying to complete the challenge. All of the possible locations are pretty spread out as well, so the chances for hitting more than two locations in a single match are slim.

For anyone skilled enough to survive the onslaught of enemy players and Cube Monsters at Tilted Towers, landing there is a great option. Ghost Decorations dangle from just about every single streetlight in the city, so as long as someone gets a weapon and shoots at one immediately, it should be very easy.

Here are some details about the other best locations

  • Paradise Palms — There are at least four in the central residential area.
  • Risky Reels — On the east and west outer edges of the area, there are a few Ghost Decorations.
  • Pleasant Park — Two houses on the west side of Pleasant Park each have a Ghost Decoration, along with another on the southeast corner. We recommend the northwestern-most brick house.
  • Snobby Shores — There are two ghosts under a tree in the northernmost house, and some claim the same for the southernmost house and the next one up.
  • Lucky Landing — In the northeast area of Lucky Landing, there’s a ghost.
  • Lazy Links — At the golf shop.
  • Salty Springs — At the red brick house.
  • Lone Lodge — On the large cabin in the center.

These tips should offer a great starting point towards completing the challenge, but just think organically about where someone might hang a Ghost Decoration on the island. In many cases, there’ll be one there.

For this challenge at least, there really is no rush. Fortnitemares isn’t slated to end until November 26, 2018. More challenges for the event will come out on Sunday, October 28 and Tuesday, October 30. Many of the upcoming leaked Challenges for Fortnitemares overlap significantly with those already released, so why not wait until at least Tuesday to work towards them all at once? That’s what we recommend.

For the time being, do keep an eye out in your travels for these Ghost Decorations. It’s totally worth it to casually work on this one for the next month or so.

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