'Fortnite' Expedition Outposts Locations: Map and Video Guide for Week 7

Time to flex those pilot skills.

Now that we’ve reached Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 7, Week 7, the mysterious Expedition Outposts have once again become the focus of a new challenge.

Week 7 began Thursday morning, and none of the new challenges are all that creative or unique, but one that players definitely need a map for is “Visit all Expedition Outposts.” On the plus side, the new challenge does confirm reports from earlier this season that there are only seven of them.

Expedition Outposts were added to the map at the start of Fortnite Season 7, seemingly as part of the wintery invasion led by the Santa Claus-looking Sgt. Winter — because they’re outposts … for their expedition. That explains why they’re evenly spread out across the map. If we tried to read into it to assume some semblance of a story from Fortnite, it’s that Sgt. Winter’s invasion force is surveying the island for some reason.

These new buildings haven’t really mattered much since the Week 4 challenge to “eliminate opponents at Expedition Outposts,” but now that they’re the focus once again, maybe that means they’ll take on greater importance as we inch towards Season 8.

Here's the location of every Expedition Outpost.

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The single most important thing to know is that X-4 Stormwing planes can often also be found near the outposts and that flying by an outpost while in a plane counts as “visiting.” That means skilled pilots can visit one outpost, grab a plane, and visit the other six outposts in a single match without ever leaving their plane. Unfortunately, if some jerks out there destroy an outpost, it won’t count.

Most of the outposts are located in elevated locations like mountains and other cliffs, and they’re all bright red, making them easy to spot from the sky. Many of the zipline systems lead directly to the outposts as well, so for any players who still need to complete challenges related to either ziplines or X-4 Stormwings, it’s a good idea to do so now.

In the off chance that players haven’t completed the Week 4 challenge to “eliminate opponents at Expedition Outposts” just yet, this week’s new challenge offers the perfect opportunity to do just that. Because so many players will be trying to visit the various outposts for this new challenge, a pretty solid strategy is to get a few decent weapons and post up at one of the outposts inside the safe zone, eliminating enemy players who visit.

Also note that another Week 7 challenge requires players to “destroy flying X-4 Stormwings.” It’s reasonable to assume that many players will be flying planes between these various Expedition Outposts, so it’s a good idea to look skyward often for the chance to knock one down.

Doing the running man on the roof also counts as "visiting."

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The in-game countdown says that Fortnite Season 7 doesn’t end until February 27, 2019. So players have a little over a month left to complete this and other challenges before Season 8 is upon us, bringing all sorts of new map changes, challenges, and rewards with it.

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