'Fortnite' Race Track in Happy Hamlet: Location to Complete a Baller Lap

You have to do this one with a Baller.

The string of Baller challenges continues in the world of Fortnite: Battle Royale in Week 5, which just began Thursday morning. Last week, we just had to use the Baller in separate matches, but now we have to do what’s essentially a vehicle timed trial.

The precise challenge says, “complete a lap of the race track in Happy Hamlet,” but based on our experiences, it has to be done with a Baller and not with any other vehicle. We attempted it with a Quadcrasher and it didn’t work. Step one is going to be finding a baller, so reference our map for doing just that:

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The race track itself is a brand-new map addition introduced Wednesday as part of the version 8.20 update. It is directly west of Happy Hamlet and just slightly to the north. Look for the white and orange cones and barriers lining the course and then locate the starting point. Note that the course flows west from the start, and you probably can’t do it backwards.

The new race track is directly west of Happy Hamlet.

Epic Games

You can see on the map or from the sky exactly where the dirt path loops through the snow. There are several Baller spawn points located at the start of the track, but if you’re hoping to complete this challenge shortly after it’s unlocked, chances are those will be taken by other players immediately.

We advise heading to the expedition outpost northeast of Happy Hamlet where there are several other Baller spawns, and then heading southwest to the starting point.

The course is fairly straightforward but there’s at least one big surprise. Like in vehicle timed trials, you have to drive through a series huge loops of blue-white light. The next one appears whenever you drive through the one that precedes it. About halfway through, you have to use the Baller grapple on an icy arch to swing through the checkpoint.

It’s pretty baller (pun intended).

Make sure you grapple to that arch to hit this checkpoint.

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Half the fun is racing against enemies and grappling directly to other Ballers. As far as challenges go, this one’s pretty fun and introduces a new part of the map in an engaging way, so we’re here for it.

Players should be aware of another Week 5 challenge to use a volcano vent, zipline, and vehicle. After using the Baller, ride it northeast in search of volcano vents and ziplines. Also consider rolling north to Shifty Shafts, where you have to open chests for yet another Week 5 challenge.

Based on the in-game countdown to the end of Season 8, players have until Wednesday, May 8 to complete these and other challenges, so there’s still more than a month until Season 9.

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