'Fortnite' Vehicle Timed Trial Locations: Video, Map, and Guide for Week 10

Along with some strategic tips.

Timed Trials in Fortnite: Battle Royale are hard enough as is, but with a brand new challenge type, players have to complete different sets while riding in a vehicle in Season 6 Week 10.

The final week of Season 6 Challenges went active in Fortnite Thursday morning with the start of Week 10. All but two of the challenges are really straightforward. We’ve already got a guide for the “Visit a Viking Ship, Camel, and Crashed Battle Bus” challenge, but perhaps the most difficult Challenge to end the season comes with “Complete vehicle timed trials.”

These new timed trials look similar to the other batches, but the symbol is a smaller clock on top of a tire. Players have to do three out of the five available to complete the challenge.

To activate a time trial, players have to interact with the starting point while on foot, making actually mounting a vehicle the first difficult aspect. In every case, the course progresses more or less in a straight line, but at certain steps, it’s essential to boost using the Quadcrasher.

Players only need to complete 3 of these 5 timed trials.

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  • In the far northwest corner of the map near Junk Junction and right next to the huge metal llama
  • The northwest corner of the main Lazy Links area, right on the clay pavement
  • Northeast of Dusty Divot right next to a radio tower
  • Directly east of Retail Row at an intersection in the road that leads north to the trailer park
  • Directly north of Flush Factory in the middle of the three big trees on the cliff

Some of the timed trials end with an epic jump.

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In almost every case, vehicles can be found very close to these timed trials. We recommend getting the Quadcrasher that’s on display in the northwest building of the racetrack and driving that north to that timed trial. From there, it’s very easy to reach the other one near Dusty Divot.

The trial near Junk Junction is also recommended, but the best bet at finding a Quadcrasher is directly east, just south of the smaller factory east of Junk Junction. We recommend also referencing this Quadcrasher map from Pro Game Guides.

Here's where to find Quadcrashers all across the map.

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The most difficult part of this Challenge is going to be enemy players interfering. Especially because of how loud the boost on the Quadcrasher is, enemies will quickly be able to track down anyone attempting the vehicle timed trials. Actually getting onto a vehicle quickly can also impede progress. Accidentally getting on the back of a Quadcrasher ruins the entire attempt. There’s also the added difficulty of knowing when to use the boost since some parts of the time trials require tight maneuvering.

Players need to hurry if they want to complete this Challenge. Season 6 officially ends sometime in the middle of next week, on or around December 5, with Fortnite Season 7 to come only a few days later.

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