'Fortnite' Camel, Crashed Battle Bus Locations: Map and Video for Week 10

Map and video guides for all three locations.

There’s a new type of challenge in the world of Fortnite: Battle Royale, and rather than find a single location or dance in front on inanimate objects, players have to do a little bit of sightseeing — and track down a camel.

Week 10, the final week of Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 6, kicked off Thursday morning. While most of the challenges are straightforward, having players land at Lazy Links or build structures, one requiring knowledge of the map has players “Visit a Viking ship, a camel, and a crashed Battle Bus.” This type of Challenge feels reminiscent of the classic “Search Between” three landmarks format, except it’s even more involved and it actually makes a little bit more sense.

Players can visit these three locations in any order and unless they get incredibly lucky finding vehicles, Rift Portals, and Rift-to-Gos, it’ll be virtually impossible to visit all three in a single game. We advise hitting each one at the start of a separate match.

Players can visit these three locations in any order for the 'Fortnite' Week 10 Challenge.

Epic Games

The Viking Boat is the main landmark of Viking Village, the Camel is the mascot at the gas station in Paradise Palms heading towards Lucky Landing, and the Battle Bus crashed in southwestern Lazy Links. In each case, players do have to get quite close to the landmark, so landing directly on top of them is ideal.

These three locations are about as far from each other as could be. Thankfully none of them are popular landing destinations or even places where players tend to traffic, through that will likely change as players scramble to complete the final week of challenges ahead of Season 7.

For even more specific locations and strategies, check out the following videos and notes.

Where to Visit the Viking Ship in Fortnite

The Viking Village appeared in the world of Fortnite at the start of Season 5 after it was ripped through space-time. So it’s been around long enough for most players to be familiar with it. The Viking Longboat is the special “Ship” that players need to visit for this Challenge.

There’s a Rift Portal directly east of the Viking Ship near the edge of the cliff, so players can use that to make a quick getaway and get some distance towards other objectives.

Where to Visit the Camel in Fortnite

The desert is the natural habitat for camels in real life, so it stands to reason that the Camel players need to visit will be somewhere in the greater Paradise Palms desert region in the southeast area of the map. This very special Camel is located in the southwesternmost area just west of the Truck ‘N’ Oasis gas station. He’s sort of like the gas station’s mascot as he drinks a big soda and wears a red trucker hat.

This one’s very easy to spot from the sky, especially because one of the Flaming Hoops from Week 5 is located on his body.

Just east of the Camel, players should be able to find an ATK golf cart that can be a big help if they want to try heading towards another of these locations.

Where to Find the Crashed Battle Bus in Fortnite

Is Epic Games trying to be ironic by putting the crashed Battle Bus in the southwestern area of the golf course in Lazy Links, where the bus has scraped up a huge divot in the ground? We can only assume.

The crashed Battle Bus is directly south of the tree-shaped hole in the ground in Lazy Links, and it’s easy to spot from the aforementioned long stretch of exposed dirt in the ground.

Players need to hurry if they want to complete this Challenge. Season 6 officially ends sometime in the middle of next week, on or around December 5, with Fortnite Season 7 to come only a few days later.

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