Fortnite Lazy Links, Paradise Palms: What to Know About Season 5 Locations

Get a game of golf and journey through the desert.

F ortnite Season 5 started Thursday, and as expected, there were some big changes. Not only to the game’s story, but also to the map, which has two new areas for players to explore and try something “different.”

The Fortnite map had two major changes after the Season 5 update went live. The farmland of Anarchy Acres in the north part of the island is now gone and replaced with the golf resort Lazy Links. On the southeast, the Moisty Mire swamp is no longer and in its place is the desert area Paradise Palms. Both updated areas have entirely new locations to visit and some new activities.

'Fortnite' Season 5 Map


Lazy Links

Like any proper golf resort, Lazy Links has a lush green landscape with activities for Fortnite players to enjoy if they can survive long enough. There’s a clubhouse, pool, volleyball court, and obviously, a golf course where players can find some new golf carts. What’s new in Fortnite Season 5, along with the new location, is unlockable for players who have a Battle Pass called toys.

At Tier 27, there is a Golf Toy that will let players enjoy a game of golf at Lazy Links. Players who partake in a round of golf at the course can get a celebration whenever they hit the pin with the ball. This is a bit of extra fun, but as one might expect, a little dangerous since it will make a player an easy target for opponents. There’s little doubt that golfing will be a task for one of the coming Season 5 Weekly Challenges.

Paradise Palms

There will no longer be any swamp to slowly run through like in Moisty Mire because Paradise Palms is a dry desert area with no water at all. It’s also big and filled with chests. There are several desert mountaintops with chests scattered about along with multiple compounds with buildings to explore for more loot. Although it doesn’t have the number of activities as Lazy Links, the desert biome is a sight to see and some players are noticing the similarities between Paradise Palms and the California desert where the Durr Burger was found. Most notably, the Joshua Trees that are scattered around the area.

As is the case with new areas in Fortnite, both Lazy Links and Paradise Palms will be flooded with players early on. Stop by, but make sure to keep an eye out for opponents.

Along with the new toys, Fortnite players with a Battle Pass will also receive some new skins as they reach higher tiers.

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