'Dragon Prince' Season 3 Release Date and Beyond: "We Have a Clear Vision"

“We have lots of ideas and can keep going for as long as people want.”

The Dragon Prince Season 2 just hit Netflix this weekend, but if you’re anything like me you’ve already binged through all nine short episodes. So when can we expect a Dragon Prince Season 3 release date? The show hasn’t officially been renewed by Netflix yet, but in a recent interview the series co-creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond reveal when how soon the series might return, and all the ways they’re already planning ahead far beyond Season 3.

“We are still ahead on story where we have a clear vision for what we want to do,” Ehasz tells Inverse.

Read on for a detailed breakdown of everything we know about The Dragon Prince Season 3.

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'The Dragon Prince'


When is The Dragon Prince Season 3 release date?

"We’re at that part in Rocky IV where he’s running up the mountain.

We won’t know for sure until Netflix reveals it, but based on our interview with Ehasz and Richmond it seems likely the The Dragon Prince will maintain the schedule we’ve seen so far with Season 1 (released on September 14, 2018) and Season 2 (five months later on February 15, 2019). By that math, Season 3 could arrive in mid-July 2019.

That might sound like an impossible schedule to keep up, but the show’s creators seem confident they can do it.

“We are still ahead on story where we have clear a vision for what we want to do,” Ehasz says. “Hopefully, the appetite is strong or stronger than it was last time, and Netflix feels energized to get behind us and keep this moving along. If that happens, we’re going to move at the best pace we can. You know, at some point, it’ll catch up to us, and we’ll have to take a breath. But right now, we’re definitely we’re feeling lean and fit and we’re creatively running. So we’re gonna keep going.”

“We’re at that part in Rocky IV where he’s running up the mountain,” Richmond adds, describing the team’s current mindset. “That’s where we are right now.”

Ehasz admits that getting The Dragon Prince Season 2 out to fans as fast as they did wasn’t easy. The team had to work weekends and long hours, and Netflix also hustled to finalize translations for all its different audiences around the world. He adds that a big part of what motivated them was the fans who devoured Season 1 and immediately asked for more.

“Season 1 ended on some cliffhangers,” he says, “and people wanted to know some things. So we wanted to satisfy them as best we could as quickly as we could.”

In that sense, Season 2 is no different, arguably ending on an even bigger series of cliffhangers. So assuming fans are still interested, Ehasz and Richmond could be hard at work on The Dragon Prince Season 3 very soon.

What’s next for The Dragon Prince in Season 3 and beyond?

"We have lots of ideas and can keep going for as long as people want.

Ehasz and Richmond spend a lot of time thinking about The Dragon Prince and say they’ve got multiple storylines and an ending already mapped out. The only catch? It’s all in their heads.

“We don’t have a show bible written down,” Ehasz says. “It’s all up here. So if we go down in a plane crash, poof, it’s gone.”

Assuming that doesn’t happen, The Dragon Prince could continue for a very long time — assuming Netflix or someone else keeps paying them to do it.

“We have lots of ideas and can keep going for as long as people want,” Richmond says.

“We think of this in a really sprawling, big epic way,” Ehasz adds. “We have scenes and ideas planned out many seasons in advance. I don’t know if we’ve officially said how many seasons, but we are several seasons ahead of in our own minds that are constantly talking about it.”

'The Dragon Prince'


The showrunner won’t go into much detail about what you can expect from Season 3 and beyond, but hint that some of the biggest clues could be hiding in plain sight in The Dragon Prince Seasons 1 and 2. For every small moment hinting at a larger world or a deeper backstory, there’s the possibility that the show’s writers have already mapped out a way to tell that story in a future episode.

“I think you can already sense it in the story, that there are things happening in Seasons 1 and 2, that you’re like, ‘Wait, this is just a clue. This is just a little thing.’ And we do have every intention to follow those up, obviously, multiple seasons from now, if we have the opportunity.”

The Dragon Prince* Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming now on Netflix.

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