'Big Mouth' Season 3 Release Date Needs to Answer These 3 New Questions

It might not be Season 3, but Big Mouth delighted fans of the raunchy Netflix cartoon series with an extra-long holiday special titled “My Furry Valentine.” After watching the new episode as fast as humanly possible, we’re here to discuss how it moves the plot forward and what we can expect to see once the Big Mouth Season 3 release date actually arrives.

So here are three questions about the future of Big Mouth in Season 3 after watching “My Furry Valentine.”

*Warning: Spoilers for Big Mouth: My Furry Valentine and the previous seasons follow.


What’s happening to Nick?

Let’s break it down character by character, starting with Nick. This holiday special picks up almost immediately after the end of Season 2. Nick is now working with Connie the Hormone Monstress, and while he’s thankful that she helped him finally masturbate, he’s also a little concerned about some newer development.

Nick appears to be growing breasts, which leads to some ridicule from his friends at school. As his parents point out, he’s also more emotional, suggesting that Connie may be flooding his body with estrogen. Connie claims that it’s not unprecedented for a female hormone monster to work with a human boy, but admits that this is her first time doing it. So it’s possible she made a mistake. Either way, Big Mouth Season 3 is sure to continue this new plot line.


Can Andrew sink any lower?

Meanwhile, Big Mouth’s holiday special sees Andrew sink even lower than he did in Season 2. After learning that Missy still liked him in the Season 2 finale, Andrew obsesses over her and ends up making a fool of himself in front of his classmates at a Valentine’s Day party. Worse, and his ridiculous Kangol hat ends up sticking to his head until it eventually rips a bunch of his hair out. By the end of the episode, he looks like his bald father.

In Big Mouth Season 3, Andrew will likely try to win Missy back, though we’re guessing he’ll probably just mess things up even worse. We’re also curious to see whether his hair grows back.


Will Matthew finally get his own plot line?

Big Mouth’s holiday special devoted an impressive amount of time to Matthew, who paired up with Jesse to survive Valentine’s Day but ended up meeting another gay kid near the end of the episode. They exchange Instagram handles, but that’s as far as the relationship goes for now.

So it’s safe to assume that we’ll see more of this story in Big Mouth Season 3, but more importantly, it could give the show a chance to flesh out the character. As AV Club notes, Matthew has mostly been “sidelined as a one-dimensional snarky gay kid.” Now the show seems to be suggesting it’s ready to give him more depth as a character.

Big Mouth: My Furry Valentine is streaming now on Netflix.

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