'Jessica Jones' Season 3 Release Date: Disney Teases Surprisingly Soon

It seems like it'll be sooner than expected.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones could be returning to Netflix sooner rather than later, if a small detail mentioned during a Disney earnings call is correct.

During a live webcast for Disney’s Q1 2019 Fiscal Year Earnings Call, a Disney representative indirectly confirmed that Jessica Jones Season 3 would release in the third quarter of 2019, mentioning it as a source of revenue during that quarter.

That potentially means that Jessica Jones Season 3 could be released in April, May, or June. At the earliest, that means spring, but it’s far more likely that it’ll release after Avengers: Endgame in early summer.

We previously projected that Jessica Jones Season 3 might release in either June or July. That was based on typical post-production time spent on Marvel’s Netflix show, extrapolated from production starting in June 2018 and the assumption that it would complete sometime during February.

Typically, post-production takes around four months, which still puts Jessica Jones Season 3 on track for a June release, just within the Q3 timeframe mentioned in the earnings call.

'Jessica Jones' could be Marvel's last gasp on Netflix


The earliest note from Netflix about the Punisher Season 2 release date was when the streaming platform released its lineup of January 2019 releases on December 12, 2018 and teased that it was “coming soon.” Netflix didn’t confirm the January 18 release date until the platform release a trailer on January 3.

If Netflix follows suit with regards to Jessica Jones Season 3, then we might not have actual confirmation about the release date until only a month before.

That will also seemingly be the very last season of any Marvel Netflix show, assuming that Netflix also cancels Punisher and Jessica Jones like it did Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil. But for now, at least we all have one more season of Jessica Jones to look forward to.

Jessica Jones Season 3 will be released on Netflix sometime in 2019.

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