'Jessica Jones' Season 3: Netflix Release Date, Trailer, Canceled, Villain

Jessica Jones might be one of Marvel’s best and most consistent superhero shows on Netflix, but even everyone’s favorite drunken private investigator couldn’t survive what feels an awful lot like Netflix’s Decimation. Except instead of Thanos killing half, Netflix took out everyone by canceling every one of the Defenders-tier Marvel Netflix shows.

Here’s everything we know about Jessica Jones Season 3, from possible release dates to details about the potential new villain Hellcat.

Is Jessica Jones Getting a Season 3?

Yes! Netflix ordered a third season of Jessica Jones in April 2018, less than a month after Season 2 hit the streaming platform. Filming began in June 2018 and is expected to conclude by the end of March.

What’s the Plot of Jessica Jones Season 3?

There are no confirmed details for Season 3’s plot, but rest assured it will continue from Season 2. Jessica’s mother was killed by Trish Walker, so the two of them have seemingly ended their lifelong friendship as a result.

After Trish underwent a procedure similar to the one that gave Jessica her powers, it left her with heightened reflexes and who knows what other side effects. Presumably, she’ll assume a new identity as Hellcat, which happens in the comics. Will she be a rival to Jessica? An antagonist? An outright villain? Any and all of these are a strong possibility.

Jessica with her mother in Season 2.Netflix

Additionally, Jeri Hogarth will likely continue pursuing a cure for her ALS diagnosis using whatever means necessary. Also, Malcolm took a job as an investigator with Cheng Consulting Management, the organization that might be helping Jeri pursue a cure through unsavory means.

Meanwhile, Jessica seemingly finds some small measure of peace in her relationship with Oscar, and she even bonds with his son Vido.

Which Characters Are Returning in Jessica Jones Season 3?

All of the core cast are returning for Jessica Jones Season 3, and despite showrunner Melissa Rosenberg hinting in a February 18 tweet that the deceased Season 1 villain Kilgrave might return in some fashion, that won’t be the case. Entertainment Weekly reported March 11 that actor David Tennant confirmed he wouldn’t appear in the third and final season.

Kilgrave did pop up briefly in Season 2 as a figment of Jessica’s imagination, so it seemed at least possible that the same might happen in Season 3. But alas, that is not the case.

‏Rumors have also swirled that Mike Colter’s Luke Cage might also return. The character originally debuted as a Season 1 love interest to Jessica before headlining his own Netflix series — which was cancelled back in October 2018.

What Is the Jessica Jones Season 3 Release Date?

All we really know is that Jessica Jones Season 3 should conceivably be released sometime in mid- to late-2019. Season 1 came out in November 2015 and Season 2 in March 2018, so there isn’t any kind of annual cycle we can use to predict Season 3’s release.

Historically, most Marvel Netflix seasons have been released in the spring or fall seasons with some notable exceptions. They’re often filmed over the course of seven or so months and then released four months later. As of mid-January, we know that production on Jessica Jones Season 3 is still ongoing, and because it only began in late-June, we can safely assume it won’t finish until February, putting it on track for a what might be a June or July release on Netflix.

During a livestream for Disney’s Q1 2019 Fiscal Year Earnings Call, it was stated that Jessica Jones would release in the third fiscal quarter of 2019, specifically that it would be a “source of revenue” during that quarter. Traditionally, Disney’s third financial quarter is April, May, and June. So it seems likely the show will release during that time frame.

How Many Episodes Are in Jessica Jones Season 3?

Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg confirmed in a February 18 tweet that Jessica Jones Season 3 has 13 episodes.

Jessica has little patience for pervs and jerks.Netflix

Is Jessica Jones Canceled?

On February 18, surprising no one, Netflix announced the official cancelation of not only Jessica Jones, but The Punisher as well, making Jessica Jones Season 3 Marvel’s very last on Netflix.

Following the cancellation of Iron Fist and Luke Cage in October, and Daredevil the following month, this felt inevitable.

The Punisher Season 2 hit Netflix in January, and other than Jessica Jones Season 3, there’s absolutely nothing else scheduled.

Are There Any Leaked Set Photos from Jessica Jones Season 3?

Yep, but just a few. Back in November 2018, images of Jessica Jones being held in gunpoint by the police surfaced online, suggesting she could get arrested in Season 3. However, it’s unclear why or how she’ll respond when the cups point a gun in her face.

Meanwhile, series star Krysten Ritter also shared several images from the set, but these don’t contain any spoilers. Still, it’s a fun look at what the cast of Jessica Jones Season 3 has been up to during filming.

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