'Jessica Jones' Season 3: 5 Things to Expect From the Series


Alias Investigations will officially be back in business once again, as Netflix has announced that it renewed Marvel’s Jessica Jones for a third season.

The official Jessica Jones Twitter account confirmed on Thursday that Netflix would indeed produce and release Season 3. But between now and then, we’ll get Luke Cage Season 2, Daredevil Season 3, Iron Fist Season 2, and The Punisher Season 2. For all we know, the TV corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe could look radically different by the time we catch up with Jessica.

That being said, one thing’s for sure: A ton of things are going to happen in New York City between now and Jessica Jones Season 3.

All this completely ignores the massive implications that Infinity War could have on this world after it releases towards the end of April. For all we know, many of the upcoming seasons will have to address what happens in some fashion. But based on what happened in Jessica Jones Season 2, here’s what we can expect from the third season:

"Hey HEY, I want your cray CRAY!"


5. Hopefully Some More Flashbacks

Season 2 brought some excellent flashback sequences to a few different time periods, especially the glorious sequence that was Patsy’s “I Want Your Cray Cray.”. Even Season 1 dabbled in flashbacks to Jessica’s time with Kilgrave. Every Marvel Netflix season has done the same, so it’s about time we finally saw more of Jessica’s first stint trying out superheroics in her earlier years?

Should another Defender join Jessica in Season 3?


4. Some Sort of Defenders Nod or Crossover

If Season 2 had one point where it failed, it was in how it avoided addressing anything that happened in Defenders, as if it never even happened at all. For instance, Jessica and Luke Cage already have a well-established romantic history that was even hinted at in the final episode of The Defenders. The Marvel Netflix shows have almost hit a point where cameos or full-on crossovers seem obligatory.

Jeri Hogarth definitely still has ALS, so what's she going to do about it in Season 3?


3. Jeri Hogarth Pursues a Cure

After getting an unfortunate ALS diagnosis early on in Season 2, Hogarth spent a lot of time and energy pursuing alternative treatments. She had been hoping to use IGH’s technology not to get superpowers of any kind, but simply to survive. With all of IGH’s scientists dead and their technology now destroyed, that option seems gone. But rest assured, Hogarth is undoubtedly going to pursue aggressive, perhaps dangerous treatment options. Remember that this is the world in which different science experiments created Captain America, Winter Soldier, Incredible Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and who knows what others.

Trish and Jessica won't be friendly in 'Jessica Jones' Season 3.


2. Trish and Jessica Broke Up as Friends, Probably for Good

Murdering your best friend’s mom tends to create an emotionally divide between people, and such is the case for Jessica Jones and Trish Walker, who are completely on the outs by the end of Season 2. Trish sort of let her ego and lust for superpowers get in the way of her relationship with Jessica, and it doesn’t look like they’ll ever be able to heal this rift. It’s hard to predict what Trish will do, but we do know one big thing:

TFW you realize you have superhuman reflexes.


1. Trish Becomes Hellcat

In Marvel Comics, Trish Walker becomes Hellcat, a cat-themed superhero who has a mystical powerset. But here in the Netflix corner of the MCU, the same kind of experiments that gave Jessica her powers seemingly give Trish superhuman reflexes. At the end of Season 2, she dropped her phone and neatly caught it with her foot without thinking. Considering Trish has always wanted powers like Jessica so she could become some kind of superhero, expect exactly that to happen in Season 3.

Jessica Jones Season 3 has no announced release date just yet, but it’s probably safe to expect sometime in 2019.

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