'Fortnite': Air Traffic Control Tower, Water Tower, Ranger Tower Locations

Check out our map and a video guide.

Epic Games might be facing some (questionable) lawsuits over the rights to various dance moves featured in the game, but in the meantime, Fortnite: Battle Royale wants everyone to bust a move for this Season 7 Week 5 challenge. Specifically, you’ll have to dance at the top of a water tower, a ranger tower, and an air traffic control tower in this multi-staged challenge. If you need some help we’ve got you covered with a map of all the tower locations, plus a video guide to get you started courtesy of YouTube user Sparckman.

Before we dive in, it’s worth noting that you might want to wait a week or two before completing this challenge. There’s sure to be tons of foot traffic at all three towers right now, which means you could get eliminated before you ever bust your first move. If you’re determined to do it now, at least consider playing in one of those big 50 vs. 50 modes so there’s less competition than the usual Solos or Duos.

Green: Air Traffic Control Tower, Blue: Water Tower, Red: Ranger Tower

Epic Games

First up is the Water Tower, which is located in the southeastern corner of Retail Row (the blue circle on our map). It’s super tall so you can’t really miss it, but you may want to try landing directly on it from the Battle Bus rather than risk exposing yourself to enemies as you climb up the tower.

Next is the Ranger Tower (red circle on the map above), which is pretty close to the first location. This one can be found by Lonely Lodge on the eastern edge of the map. The massive wooden tower is just south of the lodge itself.

Finally, head to the southwest corner of the map to find the Air Traffic Control Tower (green circle on our map). It’s located at Fortnite’s new airport, Frosty Flights, and it’s a big red tower right by the airplane hangars. Climb to the top and start dancing to complete the challenge and earn your battle stars.

Fortnite Season 7 is set to end in late February, with Season 8 picking up shortly afterwards.

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