'Fortnite' Search Between a Giant Rock Man, Crowned Tomato, Encircled Tree

Bow before your tomato overlord.

Fortnite: Battle Royale is finally bringing back a classic challenge type in Week 5 of Season 7: the “Search Between” location hunt. This week you’ll have to find a specific spot on the map between a Giant Rock Man, a Crowned Tomato, and an Encircled Tree. Here’s everything you need to know, including a map to help you get the job done and a video courtesy of YouTube user Sparckman.

The big clue here is the “Crowned Tomato,” which is clearly a reference to the big tomato head at the top of Tomato Temple. If you head there you’ll see that it’s wearing a wooden crown, but instead you’ll want to head just east of the peculiar temple.

The other two listed locations are a nondescript tree surrounded by stones south of the temple and a rock statue of a giant man east of the tomato deity. The center spot for all three locations will send you to the covered bridge connecting a pair of hills just east of Tomato Temple. You’ll want to head to the southern entrance to that bridge and walk left a few steps. Your reward is located in a seemingly random patch of dirt and grass.

Here’s where you’ll find it on the full map:

'Fortnite' Season 7 Week 5

Epic Games

And here’s a zoomed in view of the specific location:

'Fortnite' Season 7 Week 5

Epic Games

There’s sure to be plenty of competition to complete this challenge right now, so you may want to wait a week or two (there’s still five weeks left to complete any Season 7 Fortnite challenges after all). If you’re determined to get those battle stars right now, however, your best bet may be to parachute into Tomato Temple and grab a weapon before heading east. That way you’ll be able to protect yourself from any other players you might meet along the way.

Season 7 is set to end on February 27, 2019, with Season 8 of Fortnite likely picking up one day later.

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