'Fortnite' Week 4 Secret Battle Star Location Leads to a Hidden Banner

Head to Happy Hamlet.

The latest Snowfall challenge this week has a hidden banner tucked away in the festive Happy Hamlet (sorry, no secret battle star this week), so it’s the perfect festive location in between Christmas and New Year’s.

14 Days of Fortnite challenges continue daily, but the usual weekly Fortnite: Battle Royale challenges were still released Thursday morning for Week 4. Just like every other week, any player that completes all seven of the main challenges unlocks a secret Snowfall loading screen. That, in turn, offers a clue that leads to either a secret battle star, like in Week 3, or a hidden banner, like Week 4’s Snowfall challenge.

If you’re struggling to find that secret location we’ve got all the information right here, including a video guide from YouTuber garandhero. (And be sure to check out his YouTube page for even more Fortnite videos).

The Week 4 Snowfall loading screen, featured below, has the wintry character named Powder riding what must be a Driftboard as her brown Hamirez pet freaks out on her back.

The Week 4 Snowfall loading screen also teases the Driftboard.

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She’s unmistakable riding through the wintry village called Happy Hamlet in the deep south part of the map, and the clue is on an exterior wall in the background. This specific location three stories up on the exterior wall of a building that faces south, and the most notable nearby landmark is the clocktower just west in the town center.

This location is towards the northeast corner of Happy Hamlet.

This location is towards the northeast corner of Happy Hamlet.

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Players want to look for the very tall grey-green building connected to the brown-orange building that houses Big Shots Espresso coffee shop. They’ll have to build a ramp of two platforms just to reach the exact spawn location of the banner.

Note how close one of the holiday trees is to this location.

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Also note that there is a holiday tree just southeast of this particular location for anyone that still needs to dance near the trees for the 14 Days of Fortnite challenges.

Does this latest loading screen indicate that Driftboards might finally make their way into Fortnite sometime soon? We can only hope so.

Season 7 should end around February 27, 2019 — according to the in-game countdown anyway. So players have plenty of time to complete this and other challenges before Season 8.

Here’s an in-depth look at everything included in the Fortnite Season 7 Premium Battle Pass.

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