'Fortnite' Driftboard Release Date Delayed, Probably to After Christmas

We'd be shocked if it got here before Santa Claus.

Season 7 has brought wintery swords, airplanes, and a ton of snow to the world of Fortnite: Battle Royale. Now it looks like snowboards are coming as well — but not before Epic Games handles a bunch of other issues first.

As such, we’d be shocked if Driftboard comes to Fortnite before the holidays. Epic Games usually only rolls out one content update per week, and there might not even be one the week of Christmas.

At least we do know that the snowboard is classified as a “vehicle” and not a toy or some kind of emote.

On Monday, Epic Games teased through a series of tweets that it was “Almost time to shred!” “Shred” being the cool kids’ term for doing cool stuff while snowboarding. Specifically, they’re talking about the snowboard — called “Driftboard” — originally slated for introduction to Fortnite with the version 7.10 update. But by the end of the day, the developer had confirmed the Driftboard’s delay.

“We know we set the expectation for the Driftboard to release in the coming update,” an Epic representative wrote in a Reddit post. “Unfortunately, we’ve decided to hold the release of this new vehicle to make some final quality of life changes and other polish improvements.”

Referring to the Driftboard as a “vehicle” is interesting, mainly because it means that it’ll spawn in similar fashion to the ATKs, Quadcrashers, and new Stormwing planes. That, coupled with the existence of the two-way ziplines all across the new Fortnite map, makes for prime circumstances for players to snowboard.

It’s also possible that the Driftboard update will come with some fairly extensive map updates. Polar Peak is already melting, and the version 7.10 update revealed an elaborate throne room. As the terrain shifts slightly, it’s probably that we’ll see the emergence of more and more slopes on the Fortnite map. Maybe we’ll even see ski and snowboard lodges pop up? There’s a golf course already, so why not a mountain resort, too?

Here’s a look at all the best spots to find the new planes in Fortnite.


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