'gen:LOCK' Rooster Teeth Exclusive Clip: See the War Break Out

Rooster Teeth’s newest animated web series gen:LOCK is right around the corner, and Inverse has some exclusive new footage to share. This 30-second the clip shows the beginning of the war that leads to next-generation mechas, powered by the eponymous “gen:LOCK” technology.

While the clip doesn’t offer much mecha-on-mecha action, there’s still a ton of aerial dogfighting, as well as a good look at the clunky, boxy mechs that precede the more limber, advanced gen:LOCK mechas that the series introduces.

“This is not a skirmish, this is not airspace confusion, this is not a terrorist action,” says “Colonel Marin,” a character played by Monica Rial. “This is it. The Union’s making their play.”

The “Union” referred to is one side of the global conflict that necessitates the need for new mechas. The Union is “making their play” against the rebel Vanguard army. Among the soldiers in the Vanguard army is Miranda Worth (Dakota Fanning), who is heard cussing out “Shit!” in the preview.

The clip originally debuted with the newest episode of RWBY on Saturday, accessible only to subscribers of FIRST. It is now here on Inverse, which you can watch to your heart’s content before the show’s premiere on January 26, 2019.

A new series produced by Rooster Teeth, gen:LOCK is a story set fifty years in the future, where an elite group of mecha pilots are chosen to control the next generation of war machines. The series stars Michael B. Jordan as Julian Chase, a young soldier from Brooklyn who leads an eclectic team of pilots, engineers, hackers, and soldiers.

The cast also includes Dakota Fanning (The Alienist), David Tennant (Doctor Who), Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones), Kōichi Yamadera (Cowboy Bebop), and Asia Kate Dillon (Billions). In-house Rooster Teeth talents include Miles Luna, Lindsay Jones, and series showrunner Gray G. Haddock.

gen:LOCK premieres January 26 on Rooster Teeth’s subscription platform FIRST.

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