Watch Tesla Gigafactory's Impressive Progress in Stunning Video Montage

Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 isn’t even halfway finished and it’s already smashing records. Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company took to Twitter on Friday to flex that, though the battery factory in Clark, Nevada is only 30 percent constructed, it already produces the highest volume of lithium-ion batteries in the world.

The company’s Twitter shared the above video along with a handful of stats to back up the impressive milestone. Gigafactory 1 is a pivotal part of manufacturing the Model 3, the Power Wall EV charger, and Power Pack energy storage unit. This is only made possible by the more than 7,000 employees that currently work at the subassembly factory. It has been under construction since 2015 and has employed more than 17,000 construction workers throughout those three years. Tesla expects the Gigafactory 1 to be fully built by sometime in 2020.

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When it’s finished, it’s supposed to be a technological marvel. The Gigafactory 1 was designed to be completely self-reliant. A roof covered in solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal energy sources will fully power the plant once it’s completed. When it’s done it’ll be the biggest building in the world, spanning 10 million square feet and standing one or two stories. As it stands, the structure has a footprint of more than 1.9 million square feet.

“Once complete, Tesla expects the Gigafactory to be the biggest building in the world – and entirely powered by renewable energy sources,” Tesla’s website reads. “Designed to be a net zero energy factory upon completion, the facility will be primarily powered by solar, and installation is already underway.”

And like its name suggests, there will be many more Gigafactories. The Gigafactory 2 is located in Buffalo, New York and spans 1.2-million square feet. The Gigafactory 3 will be located in Shanghai, China and will be even larger than its two predecessors.

Plans for a fourth and fifth Gigafactory are in the works, one of which will be based in Europe. Tesla’s factory plans are just getting started and the company is already shattering records.

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