Tesla Gigafactory: Elon Musk Says Massive Factory Will Open for Tours

Expect two hours of walking.

Saying Tesla has something big planned for the future is kind of tiring to say these days because the company tends to always have something big planned whether it’s the Tesla Semi, the Tesla Model Y, or new car options. That said, there’s no other way to say it, it is working on something huge.

What started off as a tense shareholder meeting Tuesday ended up as a typical event by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, which means it was filled with him talking about the big plans for the company. One big plan is the Gigafactory Tesla is building, which could soon be available for tours once things calm down there.

“It’s like…epic,” Musk said. “It will be by far the biggest building in the world. It might be twice as big as the biggest building in the world.”

Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 is located in Sparks, Nevada, about a half hour east of Reno. The 5.8 million square foot factory for the Tesla car batteries, Powerwalls, and Powerpacks is currently under construction, which Musk said is about a third done. He also mentioned how walking through the Gigafactory will take about two hours.

Gigafacotry 1, as the name suggestions, is the first, but more are coming. Musk said the announcement for a Gigafactory in China is coming next month, and an announcement for the Europe factory will happen by the end of the year, once they find a proper location. All in all, he says there will be 10 to 12 Gigafactories worldwide.

At the beginning of the meeting, some shareholders spoke out against Musk and the board’s leadership for the company, but when it was put to a vote, a vast majority decided not to vote them out. Musk answered plenty of questions about the production of the problematic Model 3 and gave an interesting reason why there won’t be a Tesla motorcycle.

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