Tesla Roadster Will Now Have a "SpaceX Option Package"

T esla cars come with a variety of options from adding Autopilot to a ridiculous amount of extra horsepower, but the company’s new Roadster will have one option that’s out of this world.

Tuesday’ Tesla shareholder meeting was full of info about the company from how it’s going to improve the Model 3 production to an increase in battery production. Revealed at the meeting was a white Tesla Roadster, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the new speedy vehicle will have a special option when it comes out.

“It’s going to have a SpaceX option package,” he said. “It’s crazy.”

Musk didn’t elaborate on the SpaceX option, but there is some speculation that it could be similar to the Tesla Roadster that was launched into space back in February. There will probably not be a full-size astronaut in the driver’s seat, but maybe it will have a decal of the Starman along with other references to the space vehicle such as the “Made on Earth by humans” line that was printed on a Tesla circuit board. The SpaceX option could also include the special red paint job, called “midnight cherry,” on the Tesla Roadster as it floats in space.

Whatever the SpaceX option is, it will pile on to the Tesla Roadster’s $200,000 price tag. The car company announced last November that it expects the speedy electric vehicle to go on sale sometime in 2020, but considering the issues it’s having with the Model 3, that date may end up changing.

As for the Model 3s, Musk said the company will meet the goal of producing 5,000 of the affordable electric cars a week by the end of the month. This came after a tense start to the meeting as some Tesla shareholders voiced their concern of his and the board’s leadership, but they still voted overwhelmingly in favor of keeping them in charge of the company.

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