Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks Reveal Release Date, Price, and Display Details

Could this dethrone the iPhone?

Ahead of what could be a lackluster year for iPhones, Samsung appears to be pulling out all the stops.

The tech giant plans to be an early adopter of high-speed 5G technology, launch the Galaxy F foldable handset, and introduce a notch-eliminating display concept with its Galaxy S10 models.

Samsung is already the world’s leading smartphone company, but the United States is still largely dominated by Apple. A recent cascade of Galaxy S10 leaks have revealed a device that that might just have what it takes to dethrone the iPhone.

Anonymous sources “at a major tech retailer” told Gizmodo UK that Samsung is revamping the design for the Galaxy S10. The S9 and S9+ models both saw relatively lower sales numbers following their launch, but the Galaxy S10 variants that have leaked in recent weeks show a phone that’s inventive, sleek, and futuristic.

Galaxy S10: When Will It Launch?

There have already been rumors that the S10 would launch in February, just like the S9 did this year, and Gizmodo bolstered these claims, reporting that Samsung would host its Unpacked event before Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 20, 2019, with pre-orders starting that day and the official release taking place on March 8.

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Galaxy S10: How Many Models Will There Be?

Samsung might be taking a page from Apple’s playbook by releasing three models of the S10 instead of the two S9 phones it released this year.

The company is said to be producing three variants, including the 6.1-inch S10, the 6.4-inch S10+, and the 5.8-inch “flat” version, which won’t include the company’s signature “Infinity Display” that bends over the phone’s edges.

The prediction of three phone variants lines up with the renders prolific smartphone leaker Evan Blass tweeted on December 7 (as seen above).

## Galaxy S10 Price: How Much Will It May Cost

Based on these leaks, the S10 models won’t be kind to your wallet. But it’s important to note that only the United Kingdom prices have leaked, so U.S. prices may vary.

The 5.8-inch S10 is said to start at £669 or approximately $850 for 128GB of storage capacity. The 6.1-inch version will come with either 128GB or 512GB of storage for $1,011 and $1,264 respectively.

Finally, the beastly S10+ will offer 128GB, 512GB, or 1TB of onboard storage for $1,138, $1,391, and $1,771 respectively. So better start saving now if you’re trying to get the most high-end S-Series in 2019, it’ll most likely cost more than a month’s rent.

Galaxy S10: No Notch

The most noticeable part about the S10 might be the near bezel-less display, thanks to Samsung’s Infinity O display. These types of screens make use of small, pinhole-size cutouts to slot the front-facing cameras at the top of the screen instead of using a notch or top bezel.

This will seriously up their screen-to-body ratio and easily make them the most eye-popping S-Series of all time. It remains to be seen if Samsung can make as big of a splash in the smartphone as Apple’s iPhone X top-notch did. But this concept seems like a natural step forward from the notch.

Galaxy S10: Features and 5G

Traditionally, the S-Series has housed its fingerprint scanner on its back panel directly next to its cameras. However, the S10 will likely come with an in-screen fingerprint reader, as Blass previously tweeted.

The upcoming phones might also keep their 3.5mm headphone jack that most smartphone brands are ditching. Another reliable smartphone leaker, Ice Universe, tweeted a video of a S10 phone case that also appears to have a headphone jack cutout. So disgruntled iPhone users could be tempted to make a switch.

Last but not least, 5G connectivity will be coming to the Galaxy S10 — but not right away. Gizmodo reports that the wireless network won’t be available immediately after the phones are released, but they’ll begin supporting the service by “late Q2 at the earliest,” or late June. Apple has chosen to skip out on 5G completely until 2020.

Could this be the device that Samsung uses to gain some ground against Apple in the U.S.? We’ll know more in in the spring.

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