'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Spoilers: Arya's Skills Could Be Key in 2 Ways

Game of Thrones Season 8 is still a big mystery, but we already know at least a few small details. There’s a huge battle set to play out between the humans and the Night King’s undead army, and we can probably expect some sort of fight over who gets to sit on the Iron Throne (assuming anyone survives the big battle, that is).

Now, an intriguing new theory for Game of Thrones final season suggests that one character could play a key role in both of those conflicts. Will Arya Stark’s training lead humanity to victory of the Knight King and influence who takes the throne at the end of Season 8? Here’s why some fans think she’s the most important person on the show right now.

Possible spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8 below.

Redditor u/TaraTinker19 thinks that Arya being blinded in Braavos for her assassin training was for more than just a sort of boring Season 6 story arc.

“I think it was mostly done for her final arc in fighting the Army of the dead,” they write. “The battle takes place at night and guess who knows how to fight in the dark?”

This could give the Stark sibling an edge, and it is hard to imagine that after all her training, Arya won’t be a major part of the final season’s big battle. However, as one commenter points out, we don’t actually know whether the battle in question will take place at night.

Then again, it seems likely that at least part of this epic battle (set to be the biggest in Game of Thrones history) could happen under the cover of darkness, and recent quotes from the Knight King himself (actor Vladimír Furdík) in an interview with Hungarian news site Sorozat Wiki (via Metro) seem to suggest that’s the case.

“In the third part of the last season, there is a battle that the creators intend to be the biggest in television history,” Furdík said. “Almost the full episode will be about the battle, it will take about an hour.”

Furthermore, Entertainment Weekly previously reported that it took “55 nights” to film that one battle, which will apparently last for almost an entire episode. That seems to confirm it does indeed take place at night, giving Arya (who knows how to fight without sight) a big advantage.

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Furdík also hinted that this epic battle will take place in Episode 3. That suggests that when the dust settles, there will still be some humans left standing, giving Arya another chance to use her assassin skills.

“I think her ability to use faces is more likely to come into effect,” redditor u/rolldownthewindow writes. “There was so much time spent on her training with the Faceless Men not to use what she learned in the final showdowns. The most likely scenario I can think of is that she uses faces to kill Cersei.”

If this does happen, it might be an even bigger moment than anything else that happens in Game of Thrones Season 8. Cersei has been a villain since the show’s first episode, so it only makes sense that she would make it to the very end only to die right at the finish line.

Arya’s special skills, specifically her ability to disguise herself using other people’s faces, could also help fulfill another Game of Thrones prophecy. GoT legend says that Cersei’s brother could kill her, leading many to guess it could be Tyrion or even Jamie Lannister. But what if in the end, it’s Arya who gets to “choke the life from” Cersei and she’s wearing Jamie’s face while she does it?

Game of Thrones Season 8 premieres in April 2019 on HBO.

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