'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Spoilers: Are the White Walkers Actually Good?

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, it’s likely you have a few favorite theories about how the show will end. But one new theory manages to tie all the great houses of Westeros and the White Walkers together with a clever Bible reference that might just predict where Game of Thrones Season 8 is headed.

Potential spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8 below.

Redditor u/lobcity414 posted an extensive theory detailing how the major houses symbolize the Seven Deadly Sins, which “shows just how corrupt people in this world have become,” and how the White Walkers play a role in the story as a result. Not only is there a lot to unpack, but it’s also started quite the conversation and spurred another theory.

According to this theory, House Tyrell represents Greed, Baratheon Rage, Targaryen Envy, Martell Gluttony, Frey Sloth, Stark Pride, and Lannister Lust. It’s a compelling argument, especially since they draw upon the symbolism for each House (colors and animals) as related to these sins.

Green represents greed, and there’s green in the Tyrells’ sigil. “Their greatest flaw … is greed for power,” the fan notes. “They switch sides consistently and manipulate people with ease … for the sake of what they think will put them on the highest spot on the totem pole.”

The Baratheons’ motto (“Ours is the Fury”), animal (Stag, “known for having a fiery temper when threatened) and sigil color (orange) all point to rage. Furthermore, “rage in many ways most encompasses masculinity,” the redditor points out. The House is almost entirely male.

Those who are envious want something someone else has, and the Targaryens want the Iron Throne. Snakes have been used to represent envy, and the dragon on the Targaryen sigil is “the only lizard on the sigil of any house in Westeros,” they write. They even think Daenerys’ desire for the Throne could “create some fatal conflict when it’s revealed Jon Snow is really a Targaryen” in Season 8.

“Gluttony is all about overindulgence of some base instinct,” redditor u/lobcity414 says. The Martells represent just that when it comes to sex and violence.

Sloth is associated with laziness, and the Freys fit the bill. The color blue is also said to represent this sin. “At the base of the Frey Sigil blue water is shown, same as how at the base of their depiction in the show it is their lazy demeanor that makes them so despised,” the fan explains.

According to the fan, the gray in the Stark sigil could represent pride, as could two of the family’s traits: “their incredible stubbornness” and “disobedience.”

As for the Lannisters. Many equate sex with lust. Not only is there red in their sigil, but the redditor lists “Tyrion and his man-whore tendencies” and “the twincest relationship between Cersei and Jaime” as representative of the Lannisters’ depiction of the sin.

Redditor u/lobcity414 then assigns the White Walkers to the role of “the flood in the story of Noah’s ark.”

“Perhaps the White Walkers are building up their army now because they have a mission from higher powers to wipe out mankind,” making them, “a force sent by the old gods in Westeros who see that people have become too corrupt and they need to start anew,” they explain.

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They even suggest that a comment to Deadline from creator D.B. Weiss calling the Night King “a force of destruction” could mean he’s like “the biblical flood” sent by God to wipe out an early, sinful version of humanity.

It’s a wild theory, but it might also make sense. After all, imagine if this is true in some way, even if not directly. What if the White Walkers are a way to “start anew” in the sense that they bring about the end of Game of Thrones and its characters in such a way that prequels are the only possible way to continue the franchise on HBO. What if in order to defeat the army, the main characters involved in the final battle are affected in ways that would make continuing their stories in sequels impossible?

Then again, in the Bible’s flood story, Noah and a small group of humans (and animals) are allowed to survive. So perhaps the White Walkers will similarly spare a couple of humans to similarly repopulate Westeros.

Going off this breakdown, redditor u/Me66 posted their own theory that boils down to, “those who do better than their base nature succeed, those who do not die.”

They even suggest ways “the heroes” could go against these sins, offering potential routes to salvation for our favorite heroes and villains.

“Daenerys stops [pursuing] the throne and rather fight the White Walkers,” the fan writes. “Jon forgoes his pride and takes the knee under Danny. Tyrion gives up his lustful ways and dedicates himself to service of Danny. Arya gives up her quest for pride and vengeance and allies with Jaime. Jaime gives up the love of his life and source of lust to do some good in the North. Theon gets off his ass and does something.”

Going along with this fascinating new theory, any of these characters could essentially be the Noah of Game of Thrones Season 8 — assuming they can break away from the sins of their family.

Game of Thrones Season 8 will premiere in April 2019 on HBO.

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