'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Spoilers: Varys Leak May Reveal How It All Ends

Game of Thrones Season 8 is still months away, and with little known about it, there’s plenty for fans to speculate about while they wait for (at the very least) an official trailer. There are tons of questions to be answered in the show’s final six episodes, but a new theory suggests we may also get the true story behind one of Game of Thrones biggest mysteries: What did the flames say to Varys and could it actually be a huge GoT spoiler?

Possible spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8 below.

As a child, Varys was sold into slavery and purchased by a sorcerer who castrated him and threw his genitals into a fire to complete some spell. As an adult, Varys describes hearing a voice come out of the flames. he never reveals what it said, but he was clearly bothered when Kinvara brought it up in Season 6.

So what did the flames say to Varys? We may already know thanks to a leak from YouTube channel Talking Thrones.

The alleged Game of Thrones Season 8 spoiler was shared by redditor u/sethwilkins45, who posted that the flames told Varys, “When the long night comes, if the right person is not on the iron throne, everyone will die.”

Before you get too excited, it’s worth noting that neither Talking Thrones nor u/sethwilkins45 take this spoiler very seriously. The main issue is that those words don’t really live up to the hype around Varys and his mysterious origins.

“First off, what Varys heard in the flames was supposed to have TERRIFIED him all his life,” the redditor writes. “Secondly, Varys didn’t know what language the voice spoke in. He didn’t know what it said. Thirdly, assuming the language was high valyrian or dothraki or whatever and Varys learned it later, is that the sort of thing that would scare a grown ass man into never speaking of it again?”

Additionally, the alleged leak also feels just a little too obvious. Of course everyone will die if the wrong person is in charge when the White Walkers attack, and that seems to be exactly where we’re headed with Cersei Lannister on the Iron Throne.

Varys (Conleth Hill) in 'Game of Thrones'


Also, if this leak is true — which seems unlikely given how careful HBO is being about letting Season 8 spoilers get out — isn’t it going to be a letdown when it’s revealed?

If the leak is true and everyone dies at the end of Game of Thrones Season 8 that pretty much rules out any possibility for continuing the story in the future. It would also be a huge downer for the show’s many fans who are hopeful that at least a few characters will survive.

Several other fans believe that we will find out what the voice in the flames said, whether or not this leak is true. However, redditor u/SuRakaSoErX argues that we probably don’t need an answer at all.

“I feel like this is one of those details I’d just rather not know,” they write. “Not everything needs an answer, and sometimes (this ‘leak’ as an example) the answers aren’t the ones you want.”

There are only six episodes in Game of Thrones Season 8, and while each is expected to be longer than an hour, that only leaves so much time to wrap up the series. Maybe this is something that won’t be addressed, at least not directly. After all, we don’t know what the future of the franchise holds.

Game of Thrones Season 8 will premiere in April 2019 on HBO.

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