New 'Game of Thrones' Photo Resurrects Varys's Mystery Past


Varys, also known as “the Spider,” has always been one of the most mysterious characters on Game of Thrones. Season 6, however, revealed that Red Priests might hold the key to the biggest question about his past — which is why it’s noteworthy that he’s with Melisandre in a new Season 7 photo.

In the picture, which is from the seventh season’s upcoming third episode, “The Queen’s Justice” Varys and Melisandre are seen talking outside of Dragonstone. The shot is taken from far away, perhaps purposefully obscuring their facial expressions.

From what we know of Varys’s life, he had a rough past. His childhood involved slavery, poverty, and castration. On the night of his mutilation, the sorcerer who castrated him threw his genitals into flames as part of a dark ritual and a voice called back. Game of Thrones has not revealed what that voice said — but in Season 6, when Varys encountered the Red Priestess Kinvara, she knew all about this incident, and hinted she knew what the voice said.

“Why should I trust you any more than the priestess who counseled Stannis?” Varys scoffed at her.

Kinvarra responded:

Terrible things happen for a reason. Take what happened to you, Lord Varys, when you were a child. If not for your mutilation at the hand of a second rate sorcerer, you wouldn’t be here…knowledge has made you powerful but there’s still so much you don’t know. Do you remember what you heard that night when the sorcerer tossed your parts into the fire? You heard a voice call out from the flames….Should I tell you what the voice said? Should I tell you the name of the one who spoke?

That was the most borderline freaked-out the master string-puller Varys has ever been.

Tyrion, Varys, and Kinvarra in Season 6.


Varys has always held a deep mistrust for magic and, by extension, Red Priests. So it’s very curious that he will spend time alone with Melisandre in Season 7.

Melisandre is perhaps even more powerful than Kinvara, since we don’t know if Kinvara has resurrected anyone. So, if Kinvara knew what that haunting voice in the flames told Varys so long ago, it stands to reason that Melisandre could, too.

Does this mean that Game of Thrones will finally reveal what it said?

Varys and Melisandre in "The Queen's Justice." 


It’s impossible to know for sure until “The Queen’s Justice” airs — but suffice it to say, Varys and Melisandre’s conversation won’t be dull.

The night is dark and full of terrors, but maybe it will shine a light on the most mysterious element of Varys’s past.

Game of Thrones Season 7 is currently airing Sunday nights on HBO.

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