'Fortnite' Season 7 Trailer Release Date: When Will the Teaser Drop?

Winter is coming.

The fake video trailer for Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 7 that surfaced earlier this week might have us all excited for the real thing, but don’t expect anything to drop in video form before Season 7 actually starts.

The official Fortnite Season 6 trailer release coincided with the start of the season. So while we’re bound to see several different teaser posters released via Twitter throughout the week featuring new outfits for Season 6 — like Monday’s ice warlord — we aren’t likely to see anything in video form until Season 7 starts.

To ask when we’ll get a bonafide trailer is like asking when Season 7 officially starts. Though it’s unconfirmed just yet, Season 7 is expected to begin at 4 a.m. Eastern on Thursday.

That’s the modus operandi Epic Games has followed for the last several seasons, with the launch of a new season kicking off with a surprising launch trailer.

Subtle map changes in each season’s final weeks hint at what’s to come, but the story doesn’t solidify until the final days. The end of Season 3, for instance, had everyone dreading the arrival of a comet that would destroy Tilted Towers, but in the end it was a comet that heralded the arrival of superheroes.

Most of Season 6 involved the Halloween-themed Fortnitemares event and the saga of the Purple Cube that ended with the Butterfly event. Things have been quiet for several weeks as an iceberg slowly approached the island, seemingly bringing with it an ice storm.

There’s no telling what the Season 7 launch trailer might entail or what other new characters might be featured, but one thing’s for sure: Winter is coming.

Astonishingly, all of this also means we might actually get the Avengers 4 trailer on Wednesday morning before the trailer for Fortnite Season 7 on Thursday morning.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 7 should start sometime around 4 a.m. Eastern on Thursday, December 6.

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