Elon Musk Shows Off an Incredible Boring Company "Breakthrough" on Twitter

This could be a massive teaser.

The Boring Company has no plans to stop digging.

Founder Elon Musk tweeted a video of a tunnel boring machine (TBM), drilling through what appears to be a test wall in an undisclosed location. This comes a day after news broke that The Boring Company would abandon plans to build a 2.7-mile test tunnel along the 405 freeway in Los Angeles to focus on what Musk says is a more ambitious project extending public transportation to Dodgers Stadium.

Musk only added two words of context along with the video, “Boring breakthrough.” The tweet did not reveal where this took place or if it was part of the “much larger” network Musk teased after a settling a community lawsuit that nixed Sepulveda test tunnel. But seeing as this project was just announced and the Hawthorne test tunnel is complete, this could be something else entirely.

Musk might have just teased The Boring Company’s next generation of digging machinery, the second TBM that will be used to construct the upcoming mass-transit projects in LA, Chicago, and Maryland.

The Boring Company has only revealed one of their TBMs so far, dubbed “Godot,” which was used to dig the company’s first tunnel 44 feet beneath the ground in Hawthorne, California. Godot is “a few hundred feet long” and Musk said it travels 14 times slower than The Boring Company’s pet snail, Gary.

But Musk has hinted that another TBM is almost ready. Back in September, he tweeted a video controlling the second tunneling machine with an Xbox controller. This could be a trial run of this long-awaited digger.

Godot’s successor could be more compact, faster, and completely automated. The Boring Company’s FAQ page states that it intends to reduce the cost of tunneling by reducing the diameter of its TBM, tripling its power output, and making it autonomous.

It’s too early to tell, but Musk might have just tweeted footage of the device that could make his vision of a country-wide mass transit system a reality.

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