'Daredevil' Season 4 Release Date: It Might Actually Happen After All

Don’t count out Matt Murdock just yet. Season 4 of his Netflix series, Marvel’s Daredevil, may still be on the way.

Late last Friday, Daredevil showrunner Erik Oleson shared on his Twitter account, @erikoleson, that he pitched ideas for a fourth season to Netflix.

“Just pitched @netflix #Daredevil Season 4. Fingers crossed!” Oleson tweeted.

Amidst cancellations for sister shows Iron Fist and Luke Cage and Marvel’s uncertain future on the streaming giant, a new season for Daredevil doesn’t seem like a sure thing. But overwhelming critical acclaim for the show’s most recent third season, which premiered in October, may have given the Marvel Netflix-verse that last gasp of air it needed to see one more day.

While future Marvel movies seem as safe a bet as anything, the prospects of Marvel TV are more in flux. Although Marvel’s Netflix shows do share the same continuity as the Marvel Studios films, the divisions’ differing leadership ensured that Daredevil or Luke Cage wouldn’t receive a call to join the Avengers onscreen anytime soon, most likely ever.

Marvel Studios, the film division that produces mega-hits like Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, is under the care of Kevin Feige, who answers to Disney’s Bob Iger. Meanwhile, Marvel Television — which spearheads the Netflix shows, as well as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Cloak and Dagger, and more — is supervised by former comics writer and now Executive Vice President, Jeph Loeb, who in turn answers to Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter.

In 2015, The Hollywood Reporter reported on the rift between Marvel’s film and television divisions that resulted after “several years of frustrations” between leadership, according to an anonymous source.

While Daredevil Season 4 is still just an ethereal notion, Oleson and some of the show’s cast have expressed interest in another season.

The next Marvel shows expected to premiere on Netflix are The Punisher and Jessica Jones, which will return with new seasons, likely in 2019.

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