'She-Ra' Season 2 Release Date: 3 Theories on What Will Happen Next

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power hit Netflix last week (watch the trailer above), and with just 13 episodes in Season 1, it’s likely some fans are already eagerly awaiting Season 2. Netflix still hasn’t confirmed that it plans to release any more of the show, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating on what could be coming next for She-Ra and the Princess Alliance.

Redditor u/seeker861 recently shared a theory on the Masters of the Universe subreddit, offering up three ways the Netflix reboot could expand in She-Ra Season 2.

1. “Adora will explore her powers and we’ll see new ones that weren’t in the original.”

Season 1 largely focused on revealing new princesses with a variety of abilities while Adora also came to understand the power of She-Ra. However, the original cartoon series also gave its main character a wide-range of additional powers. That included super strength (she could life entire buildings), speed, the ability to do acrobatics, healing powers, and even the ability to communicate mentally with animals.

She-Ra had a lot of different powers in the original series.Mattel

She-Ra’s magic sword also comes with a handful of different capabilities. It can deflect energy blasts, but it can also transform into other useful objects. On the original show, that included a shield, a parachute, a helmet, and a boomerang.

So clearly there’s still plenty of powers left for She-Ra Season 2 to explore.

2. “The origins of She-Ra and the First Ones will be explored.”

She-Ra’s origins in the Netflix reboot stray a bit from the original, largely because she’s inter-dimensionally separated from her homeworld where her twin brother He-Man is potentially hiding out.

The First Ones in the original 'She-Ra' cartoon.

However, Season 2 could still offer a bit more backstory on She-Ra and where she came from, along with the origins of her famous catchphrase, “For the honor of Grayskull.”

As for the First Ones, in the original series these “living spirits” represented the original creators (or maybe just colonizers) or planet Etheria. They live in the planet’s core and appear as flame-shaped people. In the show She-Ra visits them when her sword is damaged and they heal it, which could potentially happen again in She-Ra* Season 2 on Netflix.

“3. The Horde will actually win for once and advance further into Etheria.”

This is an interesting theory, and a pretty good one too. As another fan points out, Hordak might be a scary villain, but all he really does in Season 1 is yell at his subordinates. Showing the Evil Horde on the offensive would really make it clear just how dangerous these bad guys are.

Hordak in the She-Ra Netflix reboot.Netflix

She-Ra Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix.

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