Netflix 'She-Ra' Reboot Spoilers: 5 Things We Learned at the NYCC Panel

5 things we learned from the NYCC 'She-Ra' Panel

Ok, let’s get this out of the way up front: one of the characters in the She-Ra reboot coming to Netlixon November 16 has two dads. The spoiler slipped out of one actor’s mouth at the cartoon’s New York Comic Con panel on Thursday, where the cast and series showrunner Noelle Stevenson talked in detail about the new She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and explained how the show is like a big game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Here’s everything we learned about the Netflix She-Ra reboot at NYCC 2018. Warning: Light spoilers ahead.

Here’s who has two dads in She-Ra

It’s Bow, one of the show’s few male characters voiced by Marcus Scribner (Black-ish). We don’t know much beyond that because as soon as it was mentioned the entire cast froze, realizing they’d given away a big spoiler. But it seems pretty clear we’ll be introduced to Bow’s two dads at some point in She-Ra Season 1.

The trailer looks awesome

Stevenson debuted the first full-length trailer for She-Ra at NYCC and about 30 minutes later it was available online (check it out at the top of this post). The new trailer introduces the show’s premise. Basically, Adora is a teenage super-soldier trained by the bad guys (known as the Horde) and convinced she’s actually on the side of good against an army of “Princesses” — the word has demonic connotations when the bad guys use it.

Then, Adora (Aimee Carrero) discovers a magic sword in the woods and transforms into the legendary She-Ra, prophesized to save the rebel princesses in their hour of need. After realizing that she’s been fighting for the wrong side, Adora becomes a good guy and teams up with Bow, Glimmer (Karen Fukuhara), and a bunch of other super-powered princesses to bring down the evil Horde.

There’s a whole bunch of other princesses (and bad guys)

Beyond that core group, She-Ra features an entire team of princesses with their own unique powers. That includes the ability to control plants, breath underwater, and use your hair as a grappling hook. Here’s a new poster revealed at the event that details a bunch of those princesses (all the good guys on the right).

'She-Ra' an NYCC 2018


You probably also noticed the legion of evil on the left. That includes Catra (AJ Michalka), Adora’s ex-best friend who looks like a cat, Scorpia (the scorpion-looking character in the bottom left corner), the mysterious Horde leader Hordak (up top), and his second-in-command Shadow Weaver (top left).

The action looks great

During the panel, fans also got a look at some unreleased footage from She-Ra. That included the show’s first scene where Adora trains with the Horde in a Holodek-style simulation, along with a later scene where she’s forced to fight against her old friend Catra. (She loses, but then uses the sword to transform into She-Ra and presumably kick some Horde butt).

We also get a look at the princesses’ home base. In one scene Glimmer and Bow exchanged banter, with Glimmer showing off her teleportation skills and Bow mostly serving as the comic relief. Later, Adora and the rest of the team plan a daring rescue mission after Bow gets captured by the Horde.

There’s a lot to unpack here but the one big takeaway is that this show looks stunning. The 2D hand-drawn animation is a breath of fresh air in a sea of computer-generated 3D cartoons (looking at you The Dragon Prince). The action also looks awesome, and the Horde’s 1980s-inspired futuristic society is particularly interesting.

How She-Ra is like Dungeons and Dragons

Noelle Stevenson is admittedly a huge nerd. She got her start sharing Avengers fan art on Tumblr before making the jump to animated TV writing and eventually pitching her concept for a She-Ra reboot to DreamWorks.

At around the same time development on the show started, Stevenson also got really into Dungeons and Dragons. Here’s how the new show is like a D&D campaign, in her own words:

I feel like the show is secretly just a big D&D campaign because it’s like, Adora’s the fighter, Bow’s class is like the bard and the ranger… If Adora roles really badly, if she gets cocky and rolls a one it’s like, dammit! They’re stumbling through a fantasy world like a D&D campaign. They’re trying to be something but they might not be that yet.

She-Ra hits Netflix on Nov. 16.


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