‘Fortnite' Week 7 Secret Battle Star Location and Loading Screen Guide

RIP Kevin the Purple Cube.

In the seventh week of the Hunting Party Challenge in Fortnite: Battle Royale, the secret loading screen celebrates the epic in-game “Butterfly” event that led to Kevin the Purple Cube’s death. But how do player’s leverage the hidden clue in the loading screen to claim a secret Battle Star and an entire Battle Pass Tier? Follow this guide.

Week 7 kicked off Thursday morning, offering a few bland challenges and the return of the skydiving through rings task that’s been around for quite some time. Per usual, upon completing all seven of the challenges for the week, players can unlock the secret Hunting Party loading screen. Said screen has a clue hinting at the location of a secret Battle Star.

Check out this video guide for another Week 7 ‘Fortnite’ challenge that’s all about skydiving, and read on for the location of that Secret Battle Star.

The scene depicted in the loading screen seemingly continues the same conflict against Cube Monsters from the Week 6 loading screen. Calamity leads some kind of assault on the Purple Cube as a small army of characters charges directly towards the object while it cracks with electric energy. Deadfire can also be spotted to the right. Not far above his head is the specific clue we’re looking for:

The clue sends players back to Leaky Lake.

Epic Games

In case it’s difficult to see in the loading screen, the clue indicates an area of Leaky Lake where there’s a small boat. Once upon a time, it was one of the stray boats floating in Loot Lake, but these days it’s grounded on one of the small islands in the eastern part of what’s now Leaky Lake.

Specifically, players want to aim for the island right next to where the lake runs into the river. Just look for the small boat and the battle star should be right on top of it.

Eastern Leaky Lake is the specific location in question here.

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Don’t forget that the only way for this Battle Star to materialize is to first complete all seven of the Week 7 challenges and therefore unlock the above loading screen. Players have until on or around December 4 to do this because that’s when Season 6 is slated to end and Season 7 begins.

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