'Fortnite' Skydive: Floating Rings Locations, Video Guide, and Strategy

As Sonic the Hedgehog would say, "Gotta go fast!"

Fortnite: Battle Royale is bringing back a fun, old challenge for Week 7 of Season 6. Get ready to skydive through some floating rings, and if you need help tracking down their locations on the map or a video guide, well, we’re here to help.

The official description for this Fortnite challenge, which is locked behind the Battle Pass paywall, is “Skydive through floating rings, (0/20).” That should be pretty self-explanatory, but there are a few important caveats worth mentioning.

Get those rings.


First, and most importantly, the rings disappear as soon as you hit the ground, so don’t think you can use a rift to propel yourself back into the air for another go at it. Thankfully, you can complete this challenge over as many matches as you want. So you’ll have to finish out the match and start over as you continue to rack up rings like Sonic the Hedgehog.

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When it comes to actually finding rings there’s no real strategy. These things are literally everywhere, though you won’t see them until after you jump out of the Battle Bus. Once they do materialize you should see dozens all around you in either bright purple (higher up) and blue (lower down). If you angle it just right you can hit up to four rings per drop, knocking this challenge out in just five rounds.

Another important trick is to aim using your health bar, rather than your actual character. That may sound counterintuitive, but trust us, it works. And there’s nothing worse than just barely missing a ring and having squat to show for your efforts.

You still have roughly a month to finish this challenge and all the rest before Fortnite Season 6 comes to an end and Season 7 begins. So it may be time to start hustling if you’ve been slacking off so far. Good luck!