'Rick and Morty' Season 4 Just Revealed Its First Guest Star in Sam Neill

Does this spell a return to "Anatomy Park"?

Details remain scarce about Rick and Morty Season 4, but one actor that probably lends his voice to the show in an upcoming episode has spoken out. Sam Neill, the star of Jurassic Park, tweeted this week about working with Rick and Morty in some capacity.

On October 31, Neill wrote, “I enjoyed working with Rick and Morty last week.”

He probably means the week of Monday, October 22. Neill didn’t provide any further details, but he fits the profile of a Rick and Morty guest star perfectly. He has a distinguished voice, even if he hasn’t done much vocal work in animation, and he has the range as an actor.

But the most obvious accolade that makes him ideal for this animated series is Neill’s starring turn in the original Jurassic Park, a classic genre film that Rick and Morty parodies in its third episode ever, “Anatomy Park.” In that episode, Morty shrinks down to enter a tiny theme park built inside a man’s body. The entire plot plays out in the style of Jurassic Park.

Despite the original Anatomy Park closing down, the end of the episode teased that a new one was being built in a new body. It would be almost too perfect if Rick and Morty returned to this idea for Season 4 and Neill voiced a character that was basically just Dr. Alan Grant from Jurassic Park.

On this side of Season 3, Rick and Morty has gained world-renowned clout as the leading comedy on television with a fan base strong enough to force McDonald’s to revive an extinct sauce. While Rick and Morty has celebrated all kinds of science fiction since the very beginning, it’s rare that the show has guest stars so important to the genre. So actually having Sam Neill voice a character on the show would be quite the feather in Rick Sanchez’s cap.

Rick and Morty Season 4 has no confirmed release date, but our best guess right now is mid- to late-2019.

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