'Supernatural' Season 14 Spoilers: Can Dean Embrace the New  Bunker Guests?

While Michael was in control of Dean’s body, Sam became a leader to the apocalypse world hunters residing in the bunker in the CW’s Supernatural Season 14. Now that Michael’s gone, Dean’s back home, but he’s not embracing the strangers living with them. Sam wants that to change, but it doesn’t seem to be high on Dean’s list of priorities.

Spoilers for Supernatural Season 14 Episode 4 below.

In episode 3, Dean had a one-track mind: find the weapon that could hurt Michael. When episode 4 began, he had been holed up in his room for a week. Both kept him from interacting with everyone else living in the bunker.

Leading up to Halloween, Dean spent his time watching scary movies. Sam argued their life was a scary movie, but for Dean, that was the point. Dean knows scary movies. As he put it later in the episode, he knows the bad guy will lose.

On the contrary, there’s a lot in his life he doesn’t know right now. He doesn’t know any of the people they took in from the apocalypse world living in the bunker. He doesn’t know the system the hunters have worked out in his absence. He doesn’t know everything Michael did while possessing him. He doesn’t know where Michael is or what he’ll do next. He doesn’t know Michael will lose because Michael already got a win: reneging on their deal for a one-time-only possession.

So why wouldn’t Dean retreat to something familiar, like scary movies and regular monster-of-the-week hunts where they know the rules and how to stop the bad guys?

When Sam and Dean were on their way back to the bunker after the hunt, Sam assured his brother that no one blamed him for what Michael did while he was wearing his face. Dean just needed to stop blaming himself. And while Dean admitted he’d never get over what happened, he knew Sam was right.

He added he wasn’t going to continue to hide out in his room and would do whatever Sam needed. However, he didn’t say he’d get to know the other hunters. That fits with how Sam and Dean reacted when their mother refused to leave the survivors behind in the apocalypse world in Supernatural Season 13. Dean didn’t care about them, while Sam understood and proposed they bring them through the rift back to their world with them.

So, while Dean may stop hiding out in his room, he’s more likely to go on more hunts than stay behind and get to know his new housemates. It may even turn into a one step forward, two steps back situation.

In the next episode, “Nightmare Logic,” airing November 8, one of the apocalypse world hunters goes missing and Sam, Dean, Mary and Bobby go looking for her. That could provide an opportunity for Dean to spend time with some of the “strangers.”

However, in the following episode, “Optimism,” airing November 15, Jack convinces Dean to join him on a hunt. Dean didn’t think Jack was ready to hunt in episode 3 since he’s getting used to being human after losing his grace and the powers that went along with it. He told him to stay behind with Castiel instead. Could Dean use Jack’s hunt as an excuse to get out of the bunker and away from the others?

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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