Ranking 'Supernatural''s 9 Scariest Monsters

Ranking the most terrifying monsters of the show

Supernatural is a sweeping adventure story. It follows two brothers who protect humans from the large selection of monsters and creatures who inhabit the earthly plane. Of course, the show has the classics, like vampires and werewolves, but there are a collection of terrifying, more original beasts who give Sam and Dean a tough time.

The show was recently renewed for a twelfth season, so it’s possible we may have to add some baddies to this list in the future.

Khan Worm

A large and disgusting bug that crawls into its victim’s body through the ear or mouth then controls said body. And the later strain isn’t any better, either. These ones won’t control the body, but will drain all the fluid from the host’s body, forcing him to find fluid elsewhere, eventually seeking it through the blood of a living species. So, yuck. A lot of body horror.


Though they’ve not difficult to kill and don’t sport a list of powers, these creeps are frightening, given their unpredictable development; any human could become one. These monsters originally start out as normal humans, but they find an indescribable need to eat human flesh and trouble just escalates from there. This strange urge is usually genetic, and once it hits, there’s no way to stop it, especially not after the first bite. Once these humans eat the meat of another human, the insatiable need becomes more frequent and more powerful until there’s more monster than man.

The inevitability of the Rugarus taking over a normal person is haunting — it just doesn’t matter who you were before you changed.


Everyone is afraid of what they can’t see, and daevas are exactly that. Except for their shadow, they are entirely invisible. Only a dark silhouette follows them and that’s the only warning before they swoop in for the kill. These bad lads are servants of demons, but they are just as likely to kill their summoner as they are his prey. Randomly motivated agents of violence, and hard to track? Yikes.


Anyone with a fear of clowns will have their nightmares realized with this creature based on Hindu mythology. He transforms into the smiling circus dweller so that children will invite him into their home and he can eat their parents. There’s something off about his logic here; what child would ever say “sure, stranger clown, c’mon in?”

While his weakness he cannot enter the premises without an invitation (much like a vampire), he can still shape-shift, so if the clown doesn’t work, he’s got other enticing options.

Jefferson Starships

Silly name, but formidable in person, these are chaotic creatures that are an amalgamation of a ton of different species and abilities. They’re intelligent, fierce, and almost undetectable to hunters, considering their enhanced agility and strength. They also sport vampire fangs, wraith spikes, and can shape-shift.


These humanoids, based on Islamic and Arabian mythology, are usually hermits, but what makes them so terrifying is their touch-based powers of altering reality. They put their victim into a realistic vision of past and future events, fears, or mistakes. With just a touch they can send you into your worst nightmare and if that’s not enough, they have the ability to lethally poison you with that same touch.


The first beasts that God created, they are the reason for Purgatory. God thought that they were too destructive so he plopped them into a realm of darkness to live amongst the souls of monsters. When released by Castiel, these creatures decided they wanted to be the most dominant species, and only the combined powers of hunters, angels, demons, and monsters were able to subdue them.

Imagine something God created and then said, “I don’t know what the hell I was thinking, go sit in the shadows.” No one should ever have to face these guys.


Each horseman of the apocalypse appears in Supernatural, and Death is the front-runner of the group. He’s the essence of death and has been around for as long as the universe has – longer than War, Famine, or Pestilence – and he’s so old he doesn’t even remember if he or God is older. He’s very dedicated and loyal to his job and doesn’t abuse his powers, but despite his control he’s still pretty terrifying. Dean, one of our cocky heroes, even looked like he was going to pass our after first meeting him.

The Darkness

Older than God and Death, this entity is infinitely powerful and darkness incarnate. It took the combined powers of God and all of the archangels to lock her away, and she can disintegrate angels with just a swipe of her hand. While Supernatural certainly explores creepier monsters, it’s hard to beat an ancient, all-encompassing force.

Her goal is to bring everything back to the way it was before God, when it was just her in control of the universe, so she is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Good thing she’s vowed to never hurt Dean.

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