Castiel Gets Standalone Episode in 'Supernatural’ Season 12


Fan-favorite character Castiel is set for a warrior’s comeback in the upcoming season of Supernatural. New showrunner Andrew Dabb said over the weekend that he was planning on using the Angel of God in a stand-alone episode midway through Season 12, and now hardcore fans are hoping for great things from blade-wielding, wisdom-of-God-badass we all know and love.

After expelling Lucifer from his vessel at the end of Season 11, Cas is set to be a part of Dabb’s new plan to tell smaller, intimate character stories, and — according to Entertainment Weekly — will be used “in a way that he hasn’t been used in a long time.” After 11 seasons of enormous, overarching plots and black-blooded bad guys, intimate stories seems like a good idea.

Misha Collins, who’s portrayed the character since his first appearance in season 4 of Supernatural all those years ago, is also hoping for a return to Castiel’s kickass roots.


Dabb said he expects Episode 12 to be about Castiel “and the journey he’s been on,” where “some things from his past that we’re not aware of are getting brought to light.” What could we possibly be missing from Castiel’s past that hasn’t been covered already? A lot, we hope. Being alive for centuries tends to drum up a lot of action, even by the Winchesters’ standards.

Tune into The CW on October 13 to check out Season 12 of Supernatural.

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