iOS 12.1: 4 Brilliant iOS Shortcuts to Get More Out of Music and Videos

Shortcuts just got better.

Apple’s first big patch for its next-generation mobile software, iOS 12.1 rolled out on Wednesday. And while the big draw was GroupFace Time, there were some other noteworthy upgrades as well, including new emojis and improvements to the Shortcuts scripting application.

Shortcuts can now automatically trigger AirPlay to blast your favorite tunes or videos from Apple’s HomePod smart speaker, stated Apple in the iOS 12.1 notes. This works in perfect unison with a handful of commands created by the creative scripters of Reddit to get more out of your music and video.

In fact, the days of having to manually organize your playlists, download your favorite YouTube videos, and even having to choose what you want to watch on Netflix are over. Shortcuts has made it simpler than ever to save a vlog for when you know you won’t have Internet or have a playlist ready to go at the click of a button.

1. iOS 12.1: Download YouTube Videos

If you don’t have an unlimited data plan or want to watch YouTube videos when you’re on a flight, you’re going to want to download this Shortcut. Redditor Spaargeld developed a command that lets you download certain videos right into your Camera roll with only a few taps.

The only catch here is that it can’t download videos that are copyright protected. That means it won’t be able to rip music videos and potentially some movies. This isn’t a Shortcuts limitation, but a protective measure that YouTube uses to ensure no one is stealing someone else’s content.

2. iOS 12.1: Convert Spotify Playlists to Apple Music

Apple Music users, if you have friends that use Spotify, you know it’s a hassle for them to share playlists with you. Before Shortcuts, you’d have to manually search for each song, but one Reddit-user has graced Apple Music users with the ability to automate this tedious process entirely.

The only downside is that it can’t compile playlists that are any longer than 30 songs. That said, you can always ask your friend to split up a really long playlist into a couple to make your life a little easier.

3. iOS 12.1: Netflix Shuffle

Looking to do some work with some TV in the background or can’t decide what to watch in the endless options Netflix provides? Shortcuts can now choose for you.

All you have to do is open up the show you want to watch, hit the “Share” button and the script will select a random episode for you. It’s perfect for those mindless shows that you don’t really need to watch in particular order, or pulling up something when you just need a little background noise.

4. iOS 12.1: Remove Duplicate Songs on Apple Music

If you’re constantly building out new playlists on Apple Music, you’ll likely end up adding a duplicate songs by mistake. To solve this problem, instead of having to manually parse through your endless array of songs, Shortcuts can now do it for you.

Activate the command and it’ll list all of your playlists. Pick the one you want to clean up, and in a few seconds it’ll be duplicate free.

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