iOS 12: 4 iOS Shortcuts From Reddit That Will Revolutionize Your iPhone

Developers are changing the game.

iOS 12 Shortcuts, Apple’s new scripting app, lets iPhone users create customizable commands that can be activated with just a tap or voice command. The app’s Gallery menu provides a selection of pre-made commands that can quickly make a GIF for you or have Siri translate a phrase you dictate. But for the most truly creative Shortcuts you have to take to Reddit.

The Shortcuts subbreddit is overflowing with commands that developers and iOS 12 enthusiasts have shared with the community with applications ranging from e-commerce to video editing.

To quickly access these commands, download them using their iCloud link and drop them into the Shortcuts widget in your iPhone’s Today View. All you have to do Swipe right on your home screen, scroll all the way down, and tap Edit to add the Shortcuts app to this menu.

Now, you have the power of some of Reddit’s most cleaver iOS 12 users right at your finger tips.

1. iOS 12 Shortcuts: Search Amazon in a Flash

Browsing Amazon is already a pretty mindless pass-time, but one developer found a way to make it even easier. Redditor EthanV2 leveraged the iPhone’s barcode scanning capabilities to let users quickly scan a product and find it on Amazon.

This can be used to place an order of paper towels when you’re in need of a restock or to check the price of something at the store if you have a hunch it’s cheaper on Amazon. But don’t get carried away, compulsive online shopping is an issue amongst young e-commerce users. You might want to avoid this shortcut if you have a propensity to splurge.

2. iOS 12 Shortcuts: Record Interaction with Police

The top-rated Shortcut on the subbreddit, with 907 upvotes, is less frivolous to say the least. Reddit-user RobertAPetersen has created a series of commands you can use to covertly record you interaction with the police if you’re pulled over.

This command will make your iPhone will pause any music it’s playing, decreases its brightness, flips on Do Not Disturb, notifies a pre-set contact with your location and that that you’re being pulled over. It then opens the handset’s front-facing so you can place it on your dashboard or cupholder. Once you stop recording it restores your phone to its standard settings and sends the video to your selected contact.

3. iOS 12 Shortcuts: Automatically Split Utility Bills

Streamline how you and your roommates pay for your monthly utility bills. One redditor has created a Shortcut that lets you input the cost of however many bills you own, adds them together, splits them accordingly, and sends an itemized breakdown for the month.

This will make sure everyone is paying their cut and eliminate the need to send multiple Venmo requests for something that should just take one transaction.

4. iOS 12 Shortcuts: Book Reviews with Just a Scan

Hitting a bookstore during the weekend can be relaxing but slightly overwhelming. Looking up reviews for every paperback that catches your eye is tedious. But thanks to Reddit-user Mattdesl they’re only quick scan away.

Much like the Amazon Scanner, this command requires access to your Camera app and you need to have the GoodReads app installed on to your iPhone. Then all you need to do is scan a novel you’re eyeing to see what people online think of it.

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