Eliza Coupe Reveals the Weirdest Scene in 'Future Man' Season 2


In a series already known for purely gross jokes in a sci-fi setting, Future Man will push the envelope even further in Season 2 by depicting a truly weird sexual encounter with a human brain.

During an interview this past weekend at New York Comic Con, Eliza Coupe, who plays Tiger in Future Man, revealed that her grossest and most disturbing Season 2 scene involved copulating with a human brain.

“I had to have full, to completion, sex with a brain and my hands in a room by myself with just the camera operator and everyone else in video village watching … to completion … by myself with my hand in something,” Coupe told a group of reporters. She later echoed the reveal during a panel for Season 2, saying “I have sex to completion with a brain, with my hands. … That was fun to do.”

All of this definitely sounds insane, but based on the Season 2 trailer revealed this weekend, viewers can hazard a guess as to what’s really going on for this scene — and who her partner might be.

At the start of Season 2, all three main characters are stranded in a strange future of 2162. Tiger is seemingly some kind of warrior-general in the BioTech army (Biotics are BioTechs in this timeline) and their overlord is Stu Camillo (Haley Joel Osment), who — based on the Season 2 trailer — subsists as some kind of immortal A.I. hologram. His body must be long-dead, so we’re probably dealing with a “brain in a vat” type situation a la Futurama or all sorts of other sci-fi.

So Tiger has future sex with Stu’s brain? Maybe — or maybe not.

“Buckle up and then get someone else’s seat and buckle that up,” Coupe warned. “Because I play multiple versions of myself in Season 2.”

Future Man might be totally ridiculous in many regards, but it takes its time travel principles very seriously (even more seriously than Doctor Who).

The group’s interference with the timeline in Season 1 erased Tiger’s original future, so an alternate reality version of her character exists in the new timeline. Much like how Josh met Joosh, his own doppelganger in Season 1, Tiger is basically unmoored in time.

We glimpsed this person very briefly in the Season 2 trailer that debuted exclusively at the Future Man panel, but firm details are scarce. Is it possible that this alternate version of Tiger is Stu’s wife, and the way they “get physical” is to have this weird brain sex? Or maybe it really is Tiger and not her doppelganger that has sex with a brain? We really can’t know for sure just yet.

No matter what the explanation might be, Future Man sounds just as delightfully crazy, if not more, in Season 2.

Future Man Season 2 will be released on January 19, 2019.

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